The Last Climb of Mountainstroh

10 years ago this month, I started on a new stage in life, I became a cyclist. For the 13 years prior, I did my damnedest to be a mountain climber, and summit Mt Rainier. Over the 13 times, I tried 4 times to reach the top. Hence the name Mountainstroh. Sadly, no matter how hard I trained, this body of mine shuts down at 12,000 feet. Since Rainier is 14,410, that left me a wee bit short.

I can hear some of you thinking (you are LOUD thinkers!) “You have told this story MANY times! Why do it again?”

Well this week, Michelle found a thumb drive I thought I had lost, and on it were all my photos from that climb! Some, honestly, I didn’t know I had. So, sit back, and let me regale you with a bit more detail, and a LOT more photos, about my last climb… Continue reading “The Last Climb of Mountainstroh”

Advice for the Adventurer?

I am sure those of you who read this blog even on a semi-regular basis have come to the conclusion that I am cold and callous, shoot maybe even approaching the level of curmudgeon.  Yep, can’t you picture this face opening the door and telling kids to “Get the hell off my lawn!”


Normally at work, I try to hunker down and get stuff done.  Ear buds in, ignoring the world.  One of the things I try not to do is give advice on what people should or should not do as far as exercise and advneture.  Ever since I told Michelle that Mt St Helens was easy, I try avoiding conversations like that. 

Which is why today was strange, I ended up giving advice and reassuring three different ladies… Continue reading “Advice for the Adventurer?”