Dark of the moon, on the 6th of June…

Today is June 6th. Many people think of this as the anniversary of D Day, the day in WWII the allies stormed the beaches of Europe in 1944. In truth, one of the most important days of the last century.

However, for your buddy Mountainstroh, it brings to mind something completely different. It is the opening line of the song Convoy… Continue reading “Dark of the moon, on the 6th of June…”

Good thing he got stood up!

So, its Wednesday night, Michelle is asleep and I am just back from dinner at my mom’s with the Manchild.  Traffic sucked ass heading south after work! (You’d think people in Seattle could drive in the rain!) As always moms food was great, my step-dad Doug made me laugh more than once and Manchild and I had a great night.

When I got back, I poured a glass of wine, and started streaming Jimmy Buffett on the Amazon Echo. I got to a song I love (One Particular Harbor) and all reading stopped until it was over.  In fact that song once inspired its own blog post 

As it was playing, I remembered how I became a Parrothead… Continue reading “Good thing he got stood up!”

Should I change my name?

With Michelle down in Oregon with her roommate from college, I am on my own this weekend.  (I am going to try to get her to do a guest blog for her adventures on the Rogue River yesterday, they even considered “Pulling a Panama”)

I have decided that tomorrow morning will be the first hike of 2014, but I also wanted to get a good bike ride in today.  This meant starting relatively early (OK after 8, I was a serious slacker today, and slept in) to get the errands done, and then jumping on the bike about 11:30.  It was during the ride that I came to a realization about myself…. Continue reading “Should I change my name?”

We don’t need no stinkin music

One of the problems with being a daily blogger (well close to daily) is that it is easy to forget some of the posts you’ve written.  Because of that, I have been going back through my posts from the beginning.  (LORD there are a lot of typos in the ones I composed using the iPad.).  Some are pretty good, some are just ok.

The good news, I guess, is that I am enjoying reading them.  Its fun to see what has warranted a blog post in the past.  One of them involved the use of an iPod and listening to music while riding.  Its kinda funny that I would read this now, since last Thursday I had an iPod epiphany! Continue reading “We don’t need no stinkin music”

80s Music, the BEST Ever!

When it comes to pop culture, conversations between the Manchild (15)  and I are NOT the most easy flowing.  Very rarely do I know who he is talking about.  I will attest that it is mostly my fault, I really don’t pay that much (ok any) attention to the current music world.

When I hear Miley Cyrus, I still think of her as Hannah Montana.  Luckily, he only mentions her as someone he seriously dislikes, so I don’t have to listen to her.  Then there is Dub Step, the Dougie and finger tutting (finger dancing in the dark while wearing gloves with LED lights)

I can’t blame him though, much to my wife’s chagrin, I can never tell the difference between Pearl Jam or Nirvana.

However, there are 2 things Manchild and I do enjoy together, the Walking Dead, and 80’s Music!  Continue reading “80s Music, the BEST Ever!”

It’s a magic kind of medicine, that no doctor could prescribe

Yep, it’s day two of having Sirius XM radio and having it tuned to Radio Margartaville!  I am a cheap bastard, so there is no way I would pay for this in my own car.  Plus, back home, when I commute by car, I am listening for traffic reports and alternate routes.  (Seattle traffic sucks).  When I ride the bike, I have no radio.  So in essence it would be a waste of money.

However, the worst Spokane traffic I’ve seen, would have been a GREAT Seattle commute day, and the radio is free, so why not enjoy it! Today, as soon as started the car, Jimmy Buffett was singing “One Particular Harbor”, which contains lyrics that are the title of this post.

The stupid smile was plastered on my face again!  Just like at the concert!


Continue reading “It’s a magic kind of medicine, that no doctor could prescribe”

What does THIS button do?

When the Mathmajor and Manchild were younger, they were avid cartoon fans, just as I was when i was a kid.  However, instead of Loony Tunes, they had Cartoon Network.  Now some of these made NO sense to me whatsoever.  But others, like Dexter’s Laboratory I actually liked.

Dexter wasa super genius and had a secret lab.  He also had an annoying kid sister (HEY so did I!  She isn’t now but back when we were kids….) who would come in and destroy things.  Her name was Dee Dee, and she liked to say “What does THIS button do?” as she pushed it and ended up causing all kinds of havoc!


Michelle will tell you, I also LOVE pushing buttons, and do so frequently.  (And yes, she has slapped my hand when we were somewhere I shouldn’t touch anything!)

So of course, when I have been in Spokane, she wasn’t there to watch me, so push I did….

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