I wonder…

Back in Jr and Sr High School, at least when I was a kid, we had to take a test to help us figure out what jobs would be a “good fit” for us when we grew up. I took these time and time again, and the results were so not memorable that I honestly can’t remember one job that I was a good fit for.

There was a time I wanted to be a truck driver, but I think this was mostly due to the song Convoy when I was a kid. With my lack of skills of backing up a vehicle with a trailer, I think the world is VERY lucky I never followed this up. I also thought being a helicopter pilot would be fun as well, but again, I never looked into it.

Then, in high school, I tool a forestry class. I loved it, and thought I wanted to be a forest ranger… Continue reading “I wonder…”

I’ve Never Been There!

We were up bright and early today, and I made the Starbucks run for Michelle’s ice tea. Since I am working at the office closer to my house, we aren’t carpooling so I went down as she got ready. As Trish, our favorite barista (except for Stacy the VERY best ever) was making the drink, she asked if we had any fun plans for the long weekend.

I told her we were getting up butt early to head for Mt. Rainier. She just kinda smiled and said the thing that just amazes me every time I hear it. And surprisingly I hear it a LOT! “You know, I’ve lived in Washington all my life, and I have never been to Mt Rainier. I really need to go!” Continue reading “I’ve Never Been There!”

Now THAT’s a Mountain!

Everyone has a favorite places. Michelle and I have our favorite restaurant (Brad’s Swingside Café) our favorite wineries (Dusted Valley, Ross Andrew, to name two), our favorite date night spots, and even our favorite Hotel Chain (Holiday Inn Express!). We try new places all the time, but always migrate back to old reliables.

If I was asked about my favorite place of all time though, anywhere in the world, I would answer quickly without hesitation. Aside from snugged up next to Michelle in bed, the place I’d want to be on any given day, is Mt. Rainier National Park.

I’ve mentioned it quite a few times over the last year of 15,000 miles, but I thought it was a good time to devote a post to it! Continue reading “Now THAT’s a Mountain!”

Recon Mission!

Two years ago, I did the High Pass Challenge.  This is a century ride from the tiny town of Packwood, WA, to Windy Ridge Observatory in Mt St Helens Volcanic Monument.  This was, bar none, the hardest route I have ever ridden.  I will tell you, it saved my butt driving the route the week before with my wife! I knew where the hills ended and what was coming.

Learning from the past, Michelle and I came down to Klamath Falls, OR 2 days early.  This left us today to sleep in, eat breakfast, get coffee and then head into the park!  Damn I am glad we did! Continue reading “Recon Mission!”

One Week to go…

Well y’all, the year and the summer have been flying by.  And sure as heck, here we are the week before my biggest ride of the Crater Lake Century.  The web site describes it like this:

Dubbed “The Best Ride in Oregon” by Bicycling Magazine, The Crater Lake Century is an annual bike ride that traverses up and around the Crater Lake Caldera.  Available in 62-Mile and 100-Mile routes, the ride begins and ends at the historic Fort Klamath Museum.  The annual ride is a benefit for both the Klamath County Museum and the Klamath-Lake Counties Food bank.  Over the previous 8 years, the ride had contributed over $60,000 to these organizations. Continue reading “One Week to go…”