We grow’s them TUFF up here!

February and early March have been rough around here weather wise. I know, I know, per the calendar, it is still winter. But normally by now there are some hints that spring is coming.

This year, though, winter has been digging in its heels and NOT letting go. As shown here last Monday after Thunder Snow (A snow laden thunderstorm) hit.

This can make it hard to work out…. Continue reading “We grow’s them TUFF up here!”

Nature Surprise

I have quite a few different routes that I travel when I ride. I have the Lake Washington Loop, The Half lake loop, my regular 40 (a 40 mile loop through Everett and over to Woodinville) and the Seattle loop. (Some of these are my names, so you won’t find them on Google. The Lake Washington loop is real though!)

All of these routes listed have one thing in common: At some point I am on the Burke-Gilman/Sammamish River trail. Continue reading “Nature Surprise”

Look out here it comes!

Over the years, Seattle has seen its share of windstorms. The Inaugural Day Storm of 1993,    the Hanukkah Eve storm of 2006, and the November in August storm of 2015


With the potential damage our storms cause, the even slight possibility of course make the news.  More often than not though, the “MAJOR Windstorm” coming “down our throats” just misses us.

Given that, the discerning weather geek becomes a bit more discerning about who he believes.  Why do I mention this? Well, could be a storm is a comin tomorrow… Continue reading “Look out here it comes!”

There was once a song!

My kid brother reminded me of a song, from the 70s I believe, that has this chorus:

You don’t tug on Superman’s cape
You don’t spit in the wind
You don’t pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger and

And here is where I added my own verse

You don’t waste a sunny weekend in November!

Ok, ok it doesn’t rhyme, but it fits for this weekend… Continue reading “There was once a song!”

This is a whole different year

Last year I joked from November through March that we were having “The Year Without a Winter.”  It was a season where the rains never came, and the snow never flew in the Cascades.


It was great for our hero and his cycling, I was able to ride all the time and not get drenched.  This year, at least so far, is shaping up to be different!  Continue reading “This is a whole different year”

Yes we want you to believe it rains here all the time!

Today is one of those days that fits the stereotype people believe is true for Seattle.  Yep, here it is May, supposedly closing in on Summer, and as you might expect, it is raining outside.  However, as a true north westerner, (even though I wasn’t born here) I was still wearing shorts and sandals while running around.

After we got home though, I was sitting and reading in the comfy chair when I noticed Norbert flitting around outside the window.  Norbert is the name we have given to all the hummingbirds that visit our feeder and flowers.


As he buzzed away, it made me think how much I like living up here Washington.  Continue reading “Yes we want you to believe it rains here all the time!”

Trying to get my butt in gear!

Ever have those times that you just DON’T want to work out.  When the call of the couch is hard to resist?  Worse yet, snacks are calling your name, and they want to join you on the couch!

Lately I feel that I have been giving into the “butt on the couch” mode too often and I KNOW I have been snacking way too much!  Taking a look at my picture at the rim of Crater Lake, and you can totally see the belly has grown!

cropped-image23.jpg Continue reading “Trying to get my butt in gear!”