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A tale of two photos

Anyone who knows me in person, on Facebook or from this blog, knows how I feel about photos of me. I have firm rule, if it makes me giggle, I want to share it. I honestly love to make people … Continue reading

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The Corvallis 5K

It was a fun weekend! Y’all know that yesterday I rode 70 miles in the soaking rain, just because I could! But, in the same post I mentioned the reason we were in Corvallis was for the Corvallis 5K. It … Continue reading

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Corvallis Half Marathon part II

You know, I have heard people, hell, even people I know well, go on vacations that do NOT involves participation in athletic events. Let alone athletic events that people shake their head at. These are people who do not travel … Continue reading

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It’s the Simple Things

Hi everyone. Most of you now know that my bike, the source of most of this blog was stolen on Friday. The most important inanimate object in my life is gone. It’s important to me to clarify it this way. … Continue reading

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