And the Sidewalk Ended

You know, I have no idea where this post is going to go.  I have been suffering a bit of bloggers block since the Chilly Hilly, the creative juices have simply not flowed. The weather has not been cooperating for long bike rides, which is the prime source of my muse.


But Tuesday, I was taking my lunch time walk from the new downtown office near Lake Union…. Continue reading “And the Sidewalk Ended”

The places I’ve been….

I am currently in the longest “dry” spell in recent memory.  This is my second week in Spokane, working in our field office training 4 new hires.  I love my job and I love teaching, but being away from home means no riding.


Add to it I am felling like crap with the first cold (or worse) in a long time.  It can seriously bum a guy out.  So here I am, in a hotel, sitting on the bed, channel surfing.  I almost skipped a blog today because I had nothing to write about.  But then it happened.


I stumbled upon HBO and the Hobbit, just as Bilbo was running through the Shire yelling “I am going on an adventure!”  Started me thinking, what were my adventures over the years? Continue reading “The places I’ve been….”