The Storm that wasn’t!

For most of the last 25 years I have worked at the Mighty P. It is a personal lines insurance (meaning we have car, house and boat  insurance for people) company that writes policies in Washington and Oregon.

I am also a science geek, I think anything mother nature can do is simply amazing. So, when you combine science geek and insurance nerd, the news that a potentially historic storm was bearing down on us peaks my interest! Continue reading “The Storm that wasn’t!”

Some quick highlights of the Century ride

OK I admit it, I am still a kid with a new toy.  I am liking the GoPro a lot, and learning how to use it well (or at least better).  I am also working on the editing piece; pulling out the cool parts, while not making it so long it is boring!  I’ve shared the following highlights with my Facebook group, but thought I would do the same with yall!  Let me know what you think… Continue reading “Some quick highlights of the Century ride”

The bike and Armageddon!

Regular readers may have been wondering if I had fallen in a ditch while wine tasting, or been captured by little green men while in California.  I’d been sharing the events and adventures of our Santa Rosa trip (and I have at least 2 more posts to go on it) when all hell broke loose here at home…. Continue reading “The bike and Armageddon!”

It’s All about the Gear!

So as you may or may not know, I live very close to Seattle Washington, and work right downtown.  This time of year it has some advantages.  At lunch, I can walk to any number of shopping areas for Christmas shopping and NOT worry about parking, or my bike being stolen.  Also at lunch, there are plenty of food trucks to choose from.  Honestly I  could eat at a different one every day for over a month.  Now THAT would be fun.

However, this time of year, there is something about the Pacific Northwest that is NOT an advantage to a cyclist.  Yep you guessed it.  Rain.  And November, historically, is one of our rainiest months.

Today was no exception… Continue reading “It’s All about the Gear!”