In every epic adventure, there was the time of PRE-adventure. There is the planning; the choosing of routes; the training rides; and the counting down of days on the calendars. Then, the week before hand comes my truest struggle, the packing….

This adventure is the ride along the Oregon Coast. Starting in Astoria and riding all the way to California. It will be hilly, chilly at times, warm at others. We will likely see sun, clouds, fog and rain.


The quandary: What to bring…. Continue reading “Pre-Adventure…”

Two Trips my Ass!

You never know what old skills will be needed on any given day.  Over the years I have picked up a variety of talents.  I can still keep up with the fastest checker at Safeway when they don’t have a bagger handy.  I learned long ago how to jump-start a car and to pop a clutch.  And I can still add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions.  All to name a few.  I can even stand on my head and drink beer without drowning.  (Thanks Jim and Dave!)

Today though, none of these were called for.  Instead I was asked to demonstrate my moving skills. Continue reading “Two Trips my Ass!”

Hi I’m Tony and I am an Over-Packer

Here it is, the day before we head south for 8 hours to Crater Lake for the big ride of the year (100 miles to the park and around the lake and back).  I made my run over to REI and picked up the requisite Shot Blocks (Black Cherry of course, WITH caffeine!) I’ve also made the run to the bagel shop to be able and make my breakfast sandwiches the morning of the ride.

I’ve also started the list of items to grab for the bike.  Therein lies the problem.  I HATE leaving stuff behind.  You never know what you might need!  Should I throw in the roll of duct tape?  How many CO2 cylinders should I bring?  Is one spare tube enough?  The small pump?  Tools?  OK it’s a supported ride, but should I bring the camel back?  Extra food “in case”?  Gotta have the swiss army knife!  Camera and batteries…. Continue reading “Hi I’m Tony and I am an Over-Packer”