Tour de Blast 2019

I am not one for subtitles. But there are times that a blog post could actually use one. This would be my first post where two would be appropriate! The first would be Tour de Blast: The ride that almost wasn’t, and the second is Tour de Blast: What happens when you don’t train well enough….

Read on to see why!

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Them’s that are the Hardest are the one’s you remember the Mostest!

I saw a post today from a lady in Sacramento who finished a Century ride on Saturday.  Now with this Facebook page, that is a common occurrence, it has about 3000 + riders who love to share pictures, encouragement and achievements.  We cyclists are just darn nice people!

What made this stand out was she had issues with leg cramps at 85 miles, and wasn’t sure she’d finish.  But she dug deep, overcame the pain, and cross the finish line! (Cue crowd roar!)

In reading her post, it triggered memories of quite a few of my rides over the last few years.  All of the ones that came to mind we ones where I struggled hard and, yep, even though about giving up… Continue reading “Them’s that are the Hardest are the one’s you remember the Mostest!”