Oregon Coast 2016 ride musings

Well, I just completed my first full week of work since coming back from the bike ride. It wasn’t easy. It honestly is just not as much fun to work 5 days in a row in an office than it is to ride 8 days in a row (Yes I know this is shocking!) . I found it hard to focus at times, as my mind would wonder back to the days on the road. So for this post, I thought I’d capture some of the musings. It may be a bit ramble, and the funny stuff might only be funny to me, but here we go… Continue reading “Oregon Coast 2016 ride musings”

My Inner Geek was showing

As we all know, my way to keep in shape is the ride the bike.  Be it 5 miles to work or 100 miles in the mountains, keeping the legs moving keeps the body strong, the heart beating, and face smiling.

Michelle is a run walker, and her legs (very nice ones I might add) do the same as she cranks out her miles. On the weekend, I will drive her anywhere from 6 to 15 miles away, and drop her at the trail for her to walk back.  I meet her at Starbucks.

It works better this way as she just has to focus moving forward instead of picking a turn around spot,  and I will have an ice tea waiting for her at Starbucks.

I know, its rough duty for me… Continue reading “My Inner Geek was showing”

Lunchroom Chatter!

You just never know what conversations you will have while sitting in the lunch room at work.

I am far from the most social person when I am down there. I always say high to our barista. Yep, we are in Seattle and have our own latte stand in our cafeteria (how cliché is that?). I also say hi to all the folks who work in the room, they’ve been there for years.

But, generally after I’ve made my oatmeal in the morning, or heated up my lunch, I go to the window counter table, turn my back to the world, and read while I eat. It’s a relaxing 15 minutes or so before I walk.

Sometimes though, people come up to me…. Continue reading “Lunchroom Chatter!”