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The GoPro and 2017

Folks, there truly are such things as first world problems.  You know the ones: Internet is down so you can’t read my blog posts (which I am sure is your favorite!). The Starbucks App won’t pre-order so you actually have … Continue reading

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Cannon Beach 2017 Part IV

How do you know you are relaxing more and more on a vacation? It’s when you wake up later and later. No lie, I have been seriously lazy this week, but it just feels SO damn good to sleep in. … Continue reading

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Two vastly different nights, with one similarity!

The last two nights have been, hands down, great! Last night (Thursday) Michelle and I had date night. We went out to eat at one of our favorite places, Arnies. It is right on the water in Edmonds, near the … Continue reading

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So many things to do at our beaches!

I fully understand there are different people in the world. We all have the things we like and don’t like.  Since Thursday, Michelle and I have been at Cannon Beach, with this view outside out window. And we have loved … Continue reading

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Starting out right

Long ago, I made the New Years resolution that I not only kept that year, but I was able to keep year in and year out.  I resolved NOT to make resolutions! It has worked wonders for me. However, that … Continue reading

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Take the time and Take the camera

I like to take pictures. Anyone who has seen more than one of my posts can’t help but see that. Nowadays, with smartphones. everyone does.  When I finally joined the smartphone generation, I took even more. .. 

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Years of Memories in one small area

For the last 3 days, any chance I have gotten, I have talked about our trip up to Mt. Rainier on Independence day. As I said, we walked all over the Paradise visitor area.  And just as we were about … Continue reading

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My Favorite place ever!

Last year, on the 4th of July, Michelle and I decided to do something silly and touristy.  We went into Seattle and rode the Duck. We had a blast!  So this year, since it was a three-day weekend, we were … Continue reading

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Listen, You can hear the trees breath

I first read that line in a  western written by Louis L’Amour, Bendigo Shafter. It was the hero of the book taking a young teen in search of trees to build a log cabin.  The kid just wanted to cut down … Continue reading

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Event Photos

I just spent the last half hour scrolling through 3000 pictures (20 at a time) looking for my ugly mug traveling along the Flying Wheels Summer Century.  I very much appreciate it when the ride organizers post photographers along the … Continue reading

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