The Proposal

You know, there are some nights you have just decided there isn’t going to be a blog post as you have nothing in mind.  No big deal, a night off isn’t a bad thing.  Then, when driving to the grocery store for a few things, and listening to sports radio, you not only know what to write but that you will do so NOW!

I am not sure why this was a topic on sports radio, but the question was asked to the hosts: What was the most unusual wedding proposal you know of and who did it.  My mind went to my buddy Dave (yep the same Dave that accidentally kissed Scott in a post earlier this week (see A Free Pitcher of Beer) and his proposal to his lovely wife. Continue reading “The Proposal”

That didn’t work out the way I planned

I can NOT tell you how many times over the last almost 50 years I have said this phrase.  From the time I slid down an icy embankment when I was 5 (I was trying to get to cool icicles.  Mom had to throw me a clothes line and pull me up) until the day I slid the rental car into the truck earlier this month, I have tried some things that just didn’t work.

Today, I can add to the list of days this has happened to me, but for once, at least part of it, was NOT my fault! Continue reading “That didn’t work out the way I planned”