Giving it all you got!

Ok, I ampretty darn sure every one of y’all reading this has been sick a time or two over the years.  A cold, flu, chicken pox, strep throat or at least an ear ache once or twice.  In may cases, we benefit from the miracle of modern science, and years of research that have gone into the medications that we take to feel better and to be cured.

Some of you, including my wife Michelle have more serious and chronic issues.  Arthritis, auto immune issues, cancers, and many others that have a direct effect on the quality of your lives.  Though there are no cures yet for any of these, research goes on, and treatments are developed.  Someday, there will be cures.

So each of us benefits from science and research, but how many of us have the chance to participate in the cause and help move it along?  Well, on Wednesday, Michelle was able to just that! Continue reading “Giving it all you got!”