T Minus One Week and counting!

Well, here it is Saturday afternoon, July 5th, at about 3:00 PM.  One week from right now, I had better be very close to heading over the Columbia River on the  Lewis and Clark Bridge entering Oregon on the Seattle to Portland ride.

Yep, after signing up in January, it is finally here!  So today, before the rain started, it was time to get the hands dirty a bit!


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One month and counting….

OK boys and girls, crunch time!  It never ceases to amaze me how fast a year can go!  Seems like not that long ago I was posting that I had decided to make the one day Seattle to Portland my big ride of the year.

Then there was the post when I actually signed up for it back in January.  Suddenly, I look at the calendar and there are only 30 days left before the ride! Continue reading “One month and counting….”

Winter is Coming

OK, it is still August.  So maybe it’s not coming tomorrow.  In fact Washington State (at least Western Wa where I live) is having a record-breaking heat wave right now.  What?  It hasn’t made the news where you are?  How hot has it been you ask? Are there heat alerts?  Cooling stations set up?  Have the train tracks warped?

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