A true Artist!

Hi all!

I know its been a while since my last post. As we know life gets busy!

But I wanted to sneak on for a quick shout out to a good friend and amazing artist: Renee Hazen!

Renee and I worked closely together for years at the mighty P. As I trained people in person, she used her creative talents to make sure to fully enjoy my classes. She developed all the online training which rescued them from me blathering on and on…

Last summer, Renee took a leap. She left corporate America, and went on her own to embrace her art, which aside from her hubby and son, is her one true love!

She has her site open! Renee Hazen Designs

In addition to her children’s books (I own them all!) which are amazing, she has developed a line of animal pillows. each one has an original piece of Renee art! There all also animal cards for that personal note to a love one!

Would you like a sneak peek? Sure you would!!

My cycling buddy Rob has a 22 year daughter that we love to death. I got her the giraffe pillow for Christmas and she loved it! Not only was the art amazing, but the pillow was soft and comfy! Rumor has it it made “Squeeeeeeee!”

So, for baby showers, Valentines day, or you just love owls, check out her page! And if that is not enough, just think: Anything you purchase helps supports a women with a genuinely amazing heart, continue her escape from cubicle hell!

I am damn proud of her!

Shop like the wind!!


Best Books for Kids EVER, written by Renee Hazen

Folks there are two things about me when it comes to Christmas shopping.  One, I hate shopping in stores, so I use the online option.  Amazon has become my friend!  Second, being the reader that I am, I like to share books whenever possible, especially with kids.

I am VERY lucky that a great friend of mine, Renee, has written some of the best kidlet books I’ve ever seen.  I wanted to share these with you today as we all start shopping!



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Santa Knows what is Best.

This will post Christmas day so I want to make it short as we will all be busy.  I’ve share this photo before, but it just fits the occasion.

Somehow, when I was just a tike, Santa knew that I would never stop riding.  He knew that I would always love the freedom of two wheels, the adventure of the next turn, the magic of a long downhill ride, and the challenge of a long climb.

He knew someday I would worry about being old and would need a time machine.  That one item, that when used, would teleport me back to the days of the past.  Waking up, grabbing the bike, and riding till we got hungry.  Scarfing food, and getting back in the saddle again.

He knew someday a 5-year-old would grow up and become Mountainstroh, a guy who will ride anywhere, in any weather, and have a blast while doing it. 

Who knows what I would be if he hadn’t come through?  I don’t wanna know.  I just want to say “Thanks Mom! I mean Santa!” for the most meaningful and important present I could ever have gotten as a kid!

Before I was The Wind! I was little Breeze
Before I was The Wind! I was little Breeze

And they scored!

Folks this weekends sporting events in the Northwest totally suck ass.  My Cougs Coug’d it big time, which is depressing in itself.  Then add to it my Hawks lost at home!  Neither game was good, and one would think I would be bummed.

Well ok, in sports mode I am.  But as we all know, there are much more important things in life.  Today was our Christmas with the boys.  Both Manchild (15) and Mathmajor (20) were up.  Michelle made a fantastic pork loin and I made mashed potatoes! The food was great!

However, as yummy as the food was, it was nuthin compared to watching the kids open the presents! Continue reading “And they scored!”

“So This is Christmas” and “Ruby Grace” Excellent gift ideas!

I’ve mentioned in the past that I am an avid reader.  I’ve been reading damn near every day since at least the 4th grade, and maybe even before.  Getting a book for my birthday or Christmas was the perfect gift.  What else could you get, for the price of a movie, that gives you many many hours of fun.

Nowadays, I carry my iPad or my Kindle everywhere I go, and I read whenever I get the chance.  I usually have 2 or 3 books going at anyone time.

When asked for gift ideas for people, one of the first things I think of is a book!  Those who can write and get a book published are to be admired.  Which is why I am excited to do this post.  Two of my friends, Jim Devitt, and Renee Hazen, have each just published a book that would be perfect for the holidays!

I am lucky enough to have read them both and I can share them with you! Continue reading ““So This is Christmas” and “Ruby Grace” Excellent gift ideas!”