Let’s do this a different way! @whitehouse

I wasn’t able to ride the bike home from work today.  Michelle was helping her mom go that the doctor and the Manchild was coming up after he did his speech in class.  Since he really doesn’t like to ride home on my handle bars, that meant I needed the car to get him home.  Now normally this isn’t an issue, especially since we get to use the carpool lane.  However, today I had to plan around a different obstacle, the President was in town. Continue reading “Let’s do this a different way! @whitehouse”

Why can’t they use helicopters!

Folks, I’ll warn you right up front, I am going to be complaining in this post.  I do every time this happens, and I probably always will.

We got word (the first inkling was from my buddy Matt on Facebook!  He likes plans and posted a notification of airspace closing) that this was going to happen today.  The radio confirmed it, and the Manchild and I made the call to head south early.  Yep traffic was going to suck something fierce!  And if  we didn’t get out, we might never get him home!

What is it I am talking about?  Well its this:  The president was coming to town today!

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