We will never know the answer….

Today was an exciting day. Michelle and I finally made time to get the DMV this morning. We walked out, eventually, with Oregon State Driver’s licenses! What does eventually mean? I didn’t know I needed to bring a birth certificate or passport with me!

In Washington, there is no proof of citizenship, but Oregon is different. A second after lunch trip meant I finally got mine!

It was a night to celebrate Continue reading “We will never know the answer….”

The Proposal

You know, there are some nights you have just decided there isn’t going to be a blog post as you have nothing in mind.  No big deal, a night off isn’t a bad thing.  Then, when driving to the grocery store for a few things, and listening to sports radio, you not only know what to write but that you will do so NOW!

I am not sure why this was a topic on sports radio, but the question was asked to the hosts: What was the most unusual wedding proposal you know of and who did it.  My mind went to my buddy Dave (yep the same Dave that accidentally kissed Scott in a post earlier this week (see A Free Pitcher of Beer) and his proposal to his lovely wife. Continue reading “The Proposal”