We grow’s them TUFF up here!

February and early March have been rough around here weather wise. I know, I know, per the calendar, it is still winter. But normally by now there are some hints that spring is coming.

This year, though, winter has been digging in its heels and NOT letting go. As shown here last Monday after Thunder Snow (A snow laden thunderstorm) hit.

This can make it hard to work out…. Continue reading “We grow’s them TUFF up here!”

The Manchild

On Facebook Saturday I posted this:

As a young dad, it is a win every day the next morning shines and the baby boy is smiling and you haven’t broken him.Those small victories continue to build until suddenly the Manchild is no longer a child, he is a man walking across the stage for his high school graduation.Eric Valente did that walk today and did himself proud. Sadly he has to go home and study for his finals at Highline community college tonight, but that makes us even more proud of him! Good job dude,  Michelle and I love you!

Yep Saturday night, our youngest graduated… Continue reading “The Manchild”

Tougher than I will ever be!

Ladies and gentlemen I have been on hard rides, I have done more than one blog post about the ones that are seared into my memory. And, I have, during a climb to Chinook pass, been told by a group of Harley riders that I was, in fact, “Hard Corp!” No matter how tough I am though, the ladies I got to spend this last weekend with are tougher than I will ever be…. Continue reading “Tougher than I will ever be!”

Its a win in my books!

Ladies and Gents, as much as this blog is about me most of the time, the best posts are when it’s about others.  Especially when it’s about Michelle, who pushed me to start this thing.  Today’s post is ALL about her, and her friend Kim, as yesterday was their second running of the Portland Halfmarathon. Continue reading “Its a win in my books!”

Giving it all you got!

Ok, I ampretty darn sure every one of y’all reading this has been sick a time or two over the years.  A cold, flu, chicken pox, strep throat or at least an ear ache once or twice.  In may cases, we benefit from the miracle of modern science, and years of research that have gone into the medications that we take to feel better and to be cured.

Some of you, including my wife Michelle have more serious and chronic issues.  Arthritis, auto immune issues, cancers, and many others that have a direct effect on the quality of your lives.  Though there are no cures yet for any of these, research goes on, and treatments are developed.  Someday, there will be cures.

So each of us benefits from science and research, but how many of us have the chance to participate in the cause and help move it along?  Well, on Wednesday, Michelle was able to just that! Continue reading “Giving it all you got!”