Who’s Line is it.

The weather turned lousy tonight.  Butt cold, even colder rain, and a chance for snow.  Now this was great for my Seahawks on Monday Night Football.  They thoroughly handled the Saints out of New Orleans (what do they know about cold?) on nationwide TV!

This was NOT great for bike riding.  This meant that I had to move to shed and watch a movie instead.  It was a decent ride, well as decent as it can be in the shed.  I was watching “The Outlaw Josey Wales”.

The Outlaw Josey Wales
The Outlaw Josey Wales (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now I am not sure if everyone is like me, but one of the reasons I rewatch movies is to listen for my favorite lines.  When they are good, they work every time you hear them.

What makes it fun, is the lines I like may not be the ones every likes.  An example?  Early in the movie, Josey (Clint Eastwood) is traveling with a kid from his unit, the only other survivor of the double cross.   Each time the two of them would out smart someone, the kid would say, “Whooped ’em again, Josey!”

It made me smile, because I have used it myself!  Many many times.  At WSU when I would do better on a test than I should have, I would smile and say it to myself.  This has continued since then.  Any time I have pulled something off, or the  times when I didn’t get in trouble for something with the one eyed boss,  I don’t say it out loud, but it I think it.  Once or twice I’ve even had to come up with a reason why I was smiling

There have been other lines, form other movies I use as well. Continue reading “Who’s Line is it.”