Reach the Beach 2019

Well folks, for me May means two things these last few years. The first is Bike everywhere month. Once again, even though I moved to the Oregon Coast, I was the captain of the team for the Mighty P!  This Friday last, was bike to work day. Well when you work at home there is no commute. Michelle knows me well, though, and convinced me to saddle up for a ride around the block. Here I am, sporting game face, flip flops and cargo shorts coming into the ‘office’.

Now I did catch some grief for no helmet! Rest assured, any ride where I lose sight of my own garage I ALWAYS wear a helmet!

The other thing that occurs in May is the Reach the Beach ride.

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A year of cycling at the coast

Wow, I have NOT been a good blogger. I just saw it has been almost a month since the last post. Remember when I posted every day?

Well, a lot has gone on, including a week-long vacation since the last post. I will see about getting things caught up. However, one of the biggest things that occurred was Michelle and I had our 1st Beachaversary. Yep, March 23rd, 2019 marks the one year mark that we moved into our new house at the coast.

Sadly, on the actual Beachaversary, I was sick, so Michelle and I couldn’t go out to celebrate. We will soon though!

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Reach the Beach 2018

After a slow start to the cycling year, heavy rains, freezing temps and a move to a new state will do that, now that we have gotten down here, the miles have picked up! April got me 426 miles, and yesterday was the first century (100) mile ride of the year. The Reach the Beach 2018. Portland Or to Pacific City on the coast.

I’ve lost count of the century rides I’ve done, though if you ask me about any one of them specifically, I can tell you a story about it. This one was different though, for the fist time I was not riding alone… Continue reading “Reach the Beach 2018”

The 2017 cycling story in photos

Folks, we have all heard of writers block. This is when people who get paid to write books or magazine articles get stuck, They can stare at a piece of paper (showing my age here) or a computer screen for hours and nothing gets written.

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The Last Century Ride of 2017

Since the beginning of Mountainstroh the cyclist, I have had the opportunity to ride the Lung Association’s Reach the Beach (from Portland to Pacific City) twice.


Finished Reach the Beach









Both times have been fun! So this year when I got an email early on saying the same group was going to do an inaugural ride in Washington, Michelle told me (and I agreed) that I had to sign up! The day of the ride was September 30th…. Continue reading “The Last Century Ride of 2017”

Made it!

Even though those who followed this know I made it to the beach last Saturday, I have yet to do a recap of the ride.  This is due to the following

  1. Crappy Interweb connection at the hotel (Which by the way is the ONLY negative I have on our stay!  and really who needs interwebs at the ocean)
  2. Too much to see and do outside at the Ocean.
  3. Laziness.

But now, as Michelle does her training walk, I have time to sit with coffee at Starbucks and real interwebs to fill y’all in.

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I’m Heading for the Beach!

One of my favorite things to do each year are organized Century rides.  I like the just show up with full water bottles, and someone else is in charge of planning the route, making it easy to follow, providing food/liquid at specific stops, and if I ever flat give up, there is a van to haul my sorry old but home.  Continue reading “I’m Heading for the Beach!”

Dammit Jim, I’m a Cyclist NOT a Doctor!

Ok, the title is letting my Star Trek fan self show itself a little.  Maybe Comicon affected me more than I thought!

The title fits this post though, as you will see.  Last night I did something I NEVER do!  I signed up for a century ride in May.  The century ride itself is not the bad thing.  Its the fact that its a ride that requires fund-raising in addition to the entry fee.  I HATE fund-raising!  When the kids had fund-raisers in school, I had a few choice people who liked the “Christmas Crud” and would order paper every year.  Otherwise I was out.

I donate to others, but never ask.

So what ride is this?  It is the Reach the Beach 2013.  A Century ride that starts in Portland Oregon and ends in Pacific City OR, at the Pelican Pub. (Reason #1 I signed up)

Pacific City, OR
Pacific City, OR (Photo credit:

More importantly though, this ride supports the American Lung Association.  I am lucky enough to have never become a smoker even though both my parents, and most of the world for that matter, smoked when I was growing up.  My lungs may NOT get me up a big mountain, but they are strong enough to let me do what I like to do!  I know how lucky I am to be this healthy, and it is time to give back. (Reason #2 I signed up)

Finally my gorgeous wife, Michelle, though you’d never know it to look at her (and I do ALL the time (oh sorry digressing again, but she is gorgeous)) has on going lung issues.  She does not let it stop her from being in shape, but it does stop her from working out as hard as she wants to.  This amazing woman works hard to encourage and support me in my adventures, fix me when I am broken, drive me home when I am tired at the end, and helps me find new adventures.  I an sure as hell not a doctor, so there is nothing I can do to fix her lungs, but if riding 100 miles can help, then I am ALL over it (The REAL reason I signed up!)

How can you help, well here is Tony’s Donation Page Link.  The minimum donation is $10.  If you can and want to, feel free, if you can’t or don’t want to, no worries at all!

Donations (Photo credit: Matthew Burpee)

I do promise 2 things:

  1. Come hell, high water, or bad headwinds, I will complete this ride and raise a class at the Pub to those who donated,
  2. I will NOT, under any circumstances, make the requesting of money a habit on here.  The only other thing I ever do it the Arthritis Jingle Bell Run, and my wife normally covers my donations!

So that being said, this is the only time I will dedicate a post to the fund raising part of the ride, but you KNOW I will share pictures of it!