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The 2017 cycling story in photos

Folks, we have all heard of writers block. This is when people who get paid to write books or magazine articles get stuck, They can stare at a piece of paper (showing my age here) or a computer screen for … Continue reading

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The Last Century Ride of 2017

Since the beginning of Mountainstroh the cyclist, I have had the opportunity to ride the Lung Association’s Reach the Beach (from Portland to Pacific City) twice.                   Both times have been fun! … Continue reading

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Made it!

Even though those who followed this know I made it to the beach last Saturday, I have yet to do a recap of the ride.  This is due to the following Crappy Interweb connection at the hotel (Which by the … Continue reading

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I’m Heading for the Beach!

One of my favorite things to do each year are organized Century rides.  I like the just show up with full water bottles, and someone else is in charge of planning the route, making it easy to follow, providing food/liquid … Continue reading

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Dammit Jim, I’m a Cyclist NOT a Doctor!

Ok, the title is letting my Star Trek fan self show itself a little.  Maybe Comicon affected me more than I thought! The title fits this post though, as you will see.  Last night I did something I NEVER do! … Continue reading

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