It’s not selfish, its living

Once again, I must give credit for this post to a blogger buddy, this time Baz the Landy. He did a post recently about his training for an 8000 meter peak, and whether he was being selfish at all with all the time needed to train for this, and eventually putting himself in potential peril during the climb.

I have had this discussion MANY times over the years… Continue reading “It’s not selfish, its living”

A good Hubby?

Well yall, last week I posted about Michelle’s birthday, it was a milestone one (with a zero at the end) so it was very important. I checked with her Sunday evening, after all had left and the house was quiet (and the Seahawks won!) to see how it went.  She said it was PERFECT!  And since then, on the blog and other places I’ve gotten some great reviews on being a good hubby.  But trust me, I had help…. Continue reading “A good Hubby?”

Bulletproof Valente they call me!

There are many reasons I am lucky to have the wife that I do. Michelle and I like each other, we have fun together, we like to talk to each other and we like simply like to be around each other. I am not sure all of these are true for every married couple out there, so I make sure to tell her how much I appreciate her.

There are many more reasons I think this is true. However the one in particular for this post is: she makes sure I am healthy and go to the doctor and dentist as needed! Continue reading “Bulletproof Valente they call me!”

Its a Special Day….

Folks, today was Valentine’s day.  The day of love.  The day that many people in the office, well at least the ladies in my office, wear red.  The one time of the year, some husbands or significant others think to send flowers.  Chocolates are purchased and given, and restaurants are full. 

If you believe TV, it’s a day that single ladies (notice it’s never guys) become very sad because they don’t have a valentine to share the day with.  Single guys, hell on TV or real life, they don’t even know it IS Valentines day.

For many it’s just a lot of pressure, luckily not for me! Continue reading “Its a Special Day….”

Blow the Stink off me!

Every week day for the last 2 weeks, I have been stuck in a small room, with 4 new hires, working to train, entertain and prepare them for this coming Monday when they start earning their keep.  I say entertain, because NO ONE learns when they are bored, and I pride myself in making classes fun.  However, this takes work, especially when you are sick.  I work up a serious sweat up there.

Then 6 times in the last 3 weeks  I have been stuck in a Horizon Air propeller driven plane, with no empty seats, flying back and forth from Seattle to Spokane.  (Once though, I was lucky enough to fly on the WSU Cougar plane!)


Now rest assured, I showered every day.  In fact, I showered longer as it made my lungs feel better.  But truthfully, I knew there was an indoor funk hanging on me, that only I could smell.  There is only one way to fix this. Continue reading “Blow the Stink off me!”

A Weekend Away

Folks, yall know me.  Most of my weekends all summer have revolved around big rides, or getting ready for big rides, or training for a big ride, or helping with the mom in law or the kids.  It has been a busy summer!  Michelle and I haven’t had a fun weekend away since the beginning of summer and our run to Walla Walla.

Michelle is a trooper.  She is my support crew for the rides.  She is my coach for my training and she is a fantastic mum to the man-child.  After a summer of this, we deserve time away to rest, and just be us.  Our friend Stuart turned us on to a place in Port Townsend.  It’s a little town on the peninsula, a 30 mile drive away (after a 30 minute ferry ride.)

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The Great Shoe Shopping Trip of 2013

Ok guys, do NOT run away from this post!  I am not sure what shopping is like with your wives/girlfriends, but with mine its easy!  So lets continue!

Yep, I promised Michelle that one night this week after work we could head downtown (since we work in Seattle) and hit the Nordstrom sale.  The woman needed shoes!  Continue reading “The Great Shoe Shopping Trip of 2013”

Finding Time

Ok folks, ask anyone that knows me in real life.  They will tell you that I am Cold and Callous!  Yep, antisocial and it’s every man for himself!

Well maybe not everyone.  There are the kids, they may be 15 and 20, but there are plenty of times they  just need some time.  A couple of weeks ago, the oldest woke me up at almost midnight, just to tell me he decided he had to quit his door to door job.  I think he thought I was going to be mad at him.  Quite the opposite.  I was proud of him for trying and there is no way I could ever had done that job.  He needed time and sleep was overrated.  The next week he already lined up a replacement job!

Most importantly though, is time with Michelle my wife.  Lord we are busy people.  I am not sure how it happens that there is something that needs to be done almost everyday.  She is a member of the arthritis foundation, a district officer in Toastmasters, and has an 80 year old mom. (She needs time too!) Continue reading “Finding Time”

Sometimes you just have to Make the Call!

This week has been a biatch!  Not in a bad way mind you, but flat-out exhausting!

I work in the training department at the Mighty P, a Seattle-based insurance company.  I’ve been there now for just under 90 days.  On July 1st, if all goes well and the creeks don’t rise we will be hiring new claims adjusters and I will be teaching them.  This is all good, I like the Mighty P and I like to teach.  I particularly like teaching claims people, as I was one!

HOWEVER, the material for new hire training was woefully out of date.  The computer system we used went through a major overhaul.  The material didn’t.  So for the last 2 months I have been updating around 15 modules….  This was the easy part.

This week I had to step it up a notch. The company recently went paperless.  There is a whole new way to handle claim folders (in essence, there AINT no folders!) it’s all done on the computer.  I have not only had to learn the new system this week, but also revamp 2 elearns.  (I don’t know nuthin about building no eLearns!  (well at least I didn’t last week…)  Got one done, and one will be done Monday.  But it has been brain draining!  But to paraphrase the Bandit (Burt Reynolds) “I aint never not made it before!”  It will all be done and I will be ready for class on the 1st!

But damn I am tired today.  I have resorted to coffee, lattes and Diet Mountain Dew (Plus one BAD cinnamon roll) this week to keep going.

I did get two bike commutes in, Tuesday and Thursday.  And as I sit and write this, the plan was to bike in tomorrow.

This is where “Making the call” comes in.  To ride in, I need to get up 40 minutes early.  (Did I mention I was tired?)  Then I get there, and instead of my normal relax morning, eating breakfast and surfing the web or reading, I have to get a quick shower, and scarf down food.

I also miss out on our commute into work together.  We always stop at Starbucks, and sometimes we talk on the way in, or just quietly watch the road, but its our peaceful time together.

Add to it, my lovely bride is taking me away for a staycation this weekend.  We are going to the Willows Lodge for good food, room service, good wine, and relaxing.  If I took of on the bike, she would have to load the suitcase after she was done getting ready.  That’s kinda my job.

The plan is Sunday I will ride a 50.  Well, I will be coming back sometime Saturday to feed and water the cats.  (Its only 20 minutes away) So I can grab the bike then.

So I am making the call! No bike commute in the morning.  I am going to mosey and help do the last-minute things we need to do and pack before we leave.  I will pack work out clothes and hit the gym with her on Saturday, and our together time will just start in the tomorrow morning1

It aint easy being a cyclists wife (and it REALLY aint easy being my wife I am sure.)  So if doing something little like this helps, I am all over it!

PLUS an extra 40 minutes of sleep!

Sometimes you just need to take time for Wine!

Anyone who has read a post or two on this blog knows I am focused on staying healthy. I am damn near 50 years old (half a century), and I can do more now than when I was 25. To do this requires eating right, riding regularly, taking my vitamins and basically doing everything I can to be healthy.

Now, that being said, there are other things in life aside from cycling! (Yes, it’s true! I know it is shocking o many of us to hear me say it, but cycling and exercise is NOT the be all end all of life!)

Sometimes, you just want to spend a nice evening with the person you love sipping some good red wine! Tonight was one of those nights! My wife Michelle and I met out friend Kaye for our monthly dinner together (well almost monthly, actually this was our Christmas dinner, we got busy the last few months!). We met at the Fireside Cellars at the Willows Lodge in Woodinville, WA.

English: map of selected points of interest in...
English: map of selected points of interest in the Woodinville, Washington tourist district (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

for happy hour snacks and drinks. Kaye is a Grey Goose martini lady, while Michelle and I sipped on a red blend from William Church Winery (Damn its good! That’s why we are wine club members!)

Let me do an aside here.  If you ever want to treat the love of your life to something special, the Willows Lodge is the place.  Room service, giant tub, gas fire-place, room service, excellent food and the best wine tasting area in Western Washington!  It’s a little spendy, but damn well worth it!

Afterwards, Michelle and I came home to sit in our favorite part of the house and sipped our Christmas present wine together, and just chatted and giggled and played our favorite iPad word game together. (yep we are geeks!) No worries about working out, getting old, or getting fat (OK that’s me!).  It was time for two people who love each other to spend quality time together.  Time with each other is much more important than getting my butt in the saddle!

There’s plenty of other nights to ride, but there aren’t always quiet times together!  Maybe its time she and I take a Willows, Wine, Weekend!  It’s great being with and married to someone you love with all your heart!  I am a lucky man!

Sharing Wine with my gorgeous wife at Dusted Valley our favorite winery!
Sharing Wine with my gorgeous wife at Dusted Valley our favorite winery!

Don’t get me wrong, I know how important it is to work out and get some miles under your butt!  I ride whenever I can.  Just make sure you don’t forget what’s, and who is most important in your life while doing so, because I am telling you, sometimes you really do need to take some time for wine!