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It always got me home

Well folks, there are times when people say “it’s the end of an era”. It’s usually when some long-term sports dude retires, or a long running TV show goes off the air.  Or even a favorite restaurant closes down. Now … Continue reading

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Well its about time!

Well y’all, its confession time. I can ride like the wind (well a summer breeze maybe). I can crank out 100 miles a day easy, and 200 in a pinch. I can survive rainy weather, windy days and crazed  spandexed … Continue reading

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Lost my touch?

I know nothing about cars.  Ask my buddy Dave, he will confirm this.  I can check the oil, add oil, put gas in the car, and, my one claim to fame, I can change a flat.  This a was a … Continue reading

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Why Can’t There be a AAA for Everything

There I was on Tuesday night, sitting in the car chewing out  having a discussion with my youngest son about things, while unbeknown to me my headlights were on.  Sure enough, the battery was dead (it was a long discussion). … Continue reading

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