Racking Up the Miles: January 2016

Folks, the first month of 2016 has NOT been the greatest ever.  The weather has remembered it is supposed to be cold, or wet or cold AND wet. Not the best conditions for our hero to be pedaling in.

I also had one of my hardest crashes in quite a while, the back wheel hit slippery metal on the trail


and I crashed and burned.

And I  unexpectedly lost a dear friend. Yeah, January was not so great, but I kept the wheels a turning… Continue reading “Racking Up the Miles: January 2016”

Racking up the Miles: January 2015

Wow, it is hard to believe that we are essentially at the end of January already!!!  Seems like not that long ago there was wrapping paper, stockings, and Christmas music everywhere!  Now here it is, the end of the month, taxes are already filed and I am counting up the miles for the first month of the year! Continue reading “Racking up the Miles: January 2015”

Racking up the Miles: July 2013

Well, July is over.  And I will tell you, it will be a memorable month in my cycling life, but it sure won’t be because of the total number of miles.  I logged the lowest number of miles since February, only 286 miles total.

imageThere are a number of reasons for this.  Michelle and I had a busy month.  We had the manchild for a week, as well as mom’s 80th birthday.  This prevented long rides on the weekend.  Then we had the trip to Oregon, you know, time away together (damn we needed it), this was much more important than riding.

This is also the one month of the summer I did NOT have a century ride scheduled.  I had hoped to be riding the RAMROD, but I was not selected in the lottery for this year.  100 miles in one day tends to add to the overall monthly total.  Then add the fact the bike was stolen last week, and yeah, it wasn’t a great  month for miles.

However, it did end well!  I spent Wednesday getting the new bike ready to roll.  New seat, odometer, adjusting the seat to my butt, all things that were needed.  At 4 PM (after getting the grass mowed) Michelle told me to get on the bike and try it out.

Now you may not think this is a big deal, but it was.  She had surgery today.  A small bit of skin cancer was removed from her lip.  Instead of me being here to take care of her, she felt it was more important to let me try out my new bike.  Reason #465 I love that woman.

Well, it was a memorable ride!  I decided to verify the odometer settings by making the run to Dusted Valley Winery .  I had been watching the clouds starting to form as I rode, but it didn’t look too ominous.  That is until I saw the first bolt of lightning ahead of me just before I got to DV!  The thunder-clap was strong enough to set off car alarms.

Now, here in the Seattle area, rain happens a lot, but not in the summer.  And thunderstorms are very  rare.  (Which is too bad, because I LOVE storms).  Since  the bike is brand new, so I really didn’t want to have it get wet.

This meant it was time to see how fast the bike really was.  I made it to DV, said hi to the ladies, and then spun around and hit it hard!  Now I am a leisurely rider, averaging 13 MPH in my travels.  During the 12 miles back (at least until I hit the 3 mile hill to my house) I was maintaining 18 – 20 MPH!!  I was still seeing the flashes and hearing the thunder, but it was farther back.  The rain was spitting at me, but not hard.

So yep, I outran the storm!  Made for a very exciting ride!

August should be better.  I have the Crater Lake Century coming up, and I have to get used to the bike.  So next month should have decent miles!