Racking Up the Miles: February 2016

Michelle shared a news story today on Facebook,  No exaggeration, Between October 1st and March 1st the Seattle area received over 36 inches of rain. Now for the math challenged that is over 3 feet of rain.  This winter is doing everything it can to make for the last year, which was dry as a tater chip.

With that much rain, falling on that many days, riding days were hard to come by… Continue reading “Racking Up the Miles: February 2016”

Racking Up the Miles: August 2015

Normally, I do my end of the month posts almost as soon as the last ride of the month occurs.  (Yep Michelle tells me I am very much a creature of habit!)  However, August ended with a great vacation, a huge storm, and major clean up afterwards (not to mention loss of power and interwebs!)  So now, with a day of relaxation, I can get caught up! Continue reading “Racking Up the Miles: August 2015”

Racking Up the Miles: July 2015

Wow, I looked at the calendar yesterday and realized “Holy Crap!  It’s August!!” Even though I had been tracking the days and watching out for the big ride of the year, it still surprised the heck out of me that we all already into the last real month of Summer.

So far this year, we have had a record 12 days of 90 or higher in Seattle.  The past record was 9 days.  And August is notoriously the hottest month of the year.  I swear I might melt!  But this post is not to whine about the weather, its to talk about the miles for the month… Continue reading “Racking Up the Miles: July 2015”

Racking up the Miles: June 2015

There have been many years the people of Seattle have lamented June for the weather it brings.  In the past, it has been referred to as Junuary, cold, wet and having no resemblance to summer at all.  In short, I love it! Days are longer, it’s not too hot, and its the perfect time to be outside.

Long term western Washington dwellers will tell you, to a person, summer does not start until the weekend after Independence Day.

That would be normal years, this ain’t one of them! Continue reading “Racking up the Miles: June 2015”

Racking up the miles: May 2015

Looking back over the years, for some reason, May is always my biggest mileage month.  There are a few reasons for this:

  1. The weather starts getting nicer and the days longer
  2. I start to see the benefits of the riding I’ve done earlier in the year
  3. Century season starts in the Northwest.

All of these were true this month as well… Continue reading “Racking up the miles: May 2015”

Racking up the Miles: April 2015

Michelle and I were talking recently about back when we were kids.  We both distinctly remember our parents saying “This year is FLYING by!”  We would look at them like they were crazy.  It took FOREVER for Christmas, or a birthdays or Summer Vacation to get here!  Time is going so SLOW!!  How could you mean it is going slow!

Then, once again, we hear our parents coming out of our mouths!  Here it is May already! Damn this year is going fast! Continue reading “Racking up the Miles: April 2015”