It’ll wash right off!

If anyone would’ve asked me prior to today, I would have answered without a doubt that I had done a post about this story. However, two things this week made me check.  The first was one of my students asking why teenage and twenty-something males seem to lack common sense, and the second was one of my old friends mentioned shoe polish in a Facebook comment.

These two items (common sense and polish) played a HUGE part in a road-trip back to Pullman for a Cougar Football Game…. Continue reading “It’ll wash right off!”

Go, No Go!

Anyone who read the posts on here from the last weekend knows that I spent a lot of time in Eastern Washington over the weekend. Michelle and I went back to Pullman, WA, to watch out two teams (Oregon State and Washington State) play football.

I am done rehashing the pain of the game (scarred for life I am telling you) tonight I decided to discuss something I noticed during the trip. Namely passing on a 2 lane highway! Continue reading “Go, No Go!”