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We weren’t the only ones with a plan B trip!

As we all know the plan this week was supposed to be San Francisco and Napa. In fact, today we would’ve picked up a rental car and driven to wine country. Instead, we woke up here at the beach. Yeah, … Continue reading

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Seattle Rules to Live By

Folks, I am sure everywhere someone lives has it own particular set of rules. In California, I think there is a requirement to be tan. Texas, somewhere is a bylaw that says you have to own boots and a hat. … Continue reading

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Oregon Coast Day 3: Pacific City to Newport

This was one of days I was most concerned about with my buddy Rob. It had 2 decent climbs, one to get into Lincoln City, and then one just before Newport. After day one, he was already a much better … Continue reading

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What’s a Palate?

There was a time, and I KNOW it will be shocking to many of you, that I was NOT the refined sophisticate that you see (or should I say read) before you today.  Yes, I must confess, I didn’t even … Continue reading

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Alone or With a Group?

Anyone out there remember that great George Thorogood song “I Drink Alone!”  Google it if you haven’t heard it!  I love it. Now I do not make a habit of going to bars and drinking alone (though do NOT get … Continue reading

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Rewarding Yourself for Riding

I’ve already discussed why I think riding is a better exercise option than Jogging, going to the gym or even Zumba! The best reason, for riding though, is that its supposed to be fun. If this is the right thing … Continue reading

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