Yet another Manlaw post…

Looking back, I know I am the way I am, in many ways, by the way I was raised.  I always treat ladies as ladies.  Even the ones that are good friends and I flip crap to everyday, I will hold the door and tell them when they look nice.  I also make sure, even if they can do it, to offer to carry heavy stuff at work, or anywhere else.  It’s what guys do, its Manlaw.  In my travels this weekend, I saw a few breaches in Manlaw, and one classic example of adhering to it. Continue reading “Yet another Manlaw post…”

Mountainstroh Rules of the “Road”

You never know where the inspiration for a post will come from. This one came from my friend Sarah at the Honoring My Compass blog. She is currently at the end of a bike tour from the Mexican border to Canada, traveling along the Sierras and Cascades. They are visiting all the national parks along the way.

At one campsite they had to deal with a couple of inconsiderate people who kept them up all night talking loudly. I told her what my rule for people like this is… Continue reading “Mountainstroh Rules of the “Road””