Christmas Memory

Today was the annual Christmas tradition at work.  It was the passing out of the boxes of Sees candy in the office.  Now lord knows I do not need candy.  There have been too many opportunities to snack on cookies at the office as is.

However, unlike other places I work, the Mighty P does the holiday handouts right.  They are not sent via interoffice mail, or just magically appear.  In my office, the execs on the top floor go all out.  Two of the VPs dress up as Santa and Mrs Claus, and our CEO is Ebenezer. 

The cafeteria is opened up for snacks, and all the execs and their assistants are running around serving snacks to those who show up.  This is seriously not considered a wellness event, there wasn’t veggie in sight!



Seeing Santa always reminds me of one of my most vivid Christmas memories.  Continue reading “Christmas Memory”