it was an interesting week!

So when I last left y’all, I had told you that Michelle and I had had one HELLUVA busy weekend last week. (See That was a busy 36 hours!) I will tell you that the week did slow down a bit, and I was NOT rushing near as much as last Saturday. Continue reading “it was an interesting week!”

Listen, You can hear the trees breath

I first read that line in a  western written by Louis L’Amour, Bendigo Shafter. It was the hero of the book taking a young teen in search of trees to build a log cabin.  The kid just wanted to cut down the first one he came to.  Telling him that made him stop and listen to the forest, in essence appreciate the nature around them.

This came to mind today as I was chatting with my mom about bigfoot… Continue reading “Listen, You can hear the trees breath”