The day Tony got smart

I have said this many times, over the years: It is funny where one gets one’s blog fodder.  Sometimes it’s the radio, sometimes a conversation at work and sometimes it’s its our old pal Facebook.

For this post, it was FB. One of my friends posted: Tell us something about you we would be surprised to know.

My answer?  There was a time I was the dumbest kid in class. Continue reading “The day Tony got smart”

OK, tell me when you get tired of me blogging about the kids!

It is amazing how one year can suddenly be different from almost every year prior.  Here we are, the week before christmas week, kids are getting ready to go on Christmas Break from school, and for the last five years at this time, I was mad as hell.


Why you ask? Well I’ll tell you…. Continue reading “OK, tell me when you get tired of me blogging about the kids!”

A lot like me…

Folks I am a lot of things, some good some not so much.  I am a helluva trainer, my students not only learn, they succeed and they have a great time doing it.  I am NOT a fashionable dresser.  Shorts and T-Shirts are and should be acceptable for any occasion, including work, weddings and funerals.  I have been told lately (well for almost 5 years) I am a good hubby, and I try, plus I am the role model for my 4 siblings.  I am NOT a good singer, but I am not afraid to bellow out a song.

I am also a dad Continue reading “A lot like me…”

Rain’s a Comin!

I’ve said it many times in the past, you just NEVER know when or where you will get your inspiration for a blog post.  Sometimes its a conversation, sometimes its a special request from someone important, and sometimes it comes from Facebook.

I have a cousin somewhere back east, he is the exact opposite of me as far as politics go (and I gotta tell ya, I am pretty open-minded, you gotta work HARD to disagree with everything I believe.)  But I figure I am required to keep a certain amount of distant relatives on the friend list, so I keep him. (As annoying as he can be)

If I hadn’t I wouldn’t be thinking back to my high school days… Continue reading “Rain’s a Comin!”

Teaching sure as hell AInt easy.

I got home from the a night with the Manchild just a bit ago.  My legs are still recovering from the long ride over the weekend, so I skipped the stairs workout and came home.  I got the garbage out, the garden watered and I was sitting here debating:  Do I go to bed, do a post, or watch Dexter on Netflix.

While doing this, I was scanning Facebook and came across this post from Sarah, the daughter of two of my best friends, and a young woman who is about to do her student teaching:

I really do not like it when people think being a teacher is an ‘easy’ job. We do not play and color pictures all day like people think. We are basically in charge of the future because we are teaching children, who will in fact be in charge of our future. I know that I am not a certified teacher yet, but I am studying to become a teacher. I teach because I want to make a difference. I teach because what I do every day matters for kids. To me, that’s what success looks like. Doing what you love and helping make a difference in this world. Please think twice before you say teaching is an ‘easy’ job and that anyone can do it. Because really it is not.

It started me thinking about the single teacher who had the most lasting effect on my life. Continue reading “Teaching sure as hell AInt easy.”

When I was a kid!

I don’t know about y’all, but I honestly remember my dad saying “When I was a kid, I had to walk 6 miles, in the snow, uphill both ways to school! We never had snow days!” This would occur anytime we kids would be watching the sky, waiting for the illusive Northwest storms that could, JUST maybe, result in one of those rare magical events: the snow day.

As I got older, I honestly tried to figure out how the hell he coulda walked uphill both ways….  I never said I was a smart child…

Today, while hanging out with my 80 year old Mother-in-law (while Michelle was on the phone setting her up with a land line) I found myself telling a story that would most likely never happen today. Continue reading “When I was a kid!”