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Where No One Has Gone Before

I know for a fact I am 52. I don’t feel like it and I sure as hell don’t act like it, but yep, I am 52. I was born in 1964…. Back then there were no interwebs, cell phones, … Continue reading

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Did you ever wonder….

So here we are, it’s now December, and therefore, by Tony Law, it is ok to start talking about Christmas. Once Thanksgiving is over, then the lights can come on, and we can start watching Christmas Specials.  I was raised … Continue reading

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Feeding the Inner geek

I’ve often wondered how my love for science started. Growing up I was NOT a big sports fan.  My dad would turn on football and I would groan.  “How LONG is this on!!  2 minutes left??  Than can last an … Continue reading

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Answers to Life

Well, there is a fair to middling chance I will catch some guff for this one, but then when has that stopped me before.  Everyone has their beliefs good and bad.  I tend not to dwell on those things I … Continue reading

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The Faster you go, the more boring the trip…

So there I was last week, reading a sci fi book about some space traveling cowboys (ok they weren’t really cowboys, it’s what I use instead of space traveling people).  One of them was lamenting about how bored he was.  They’d been … Continue reading

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A bit of a tangent…

Anyone who spends anytime at all exploring 15,000 miles knows I love to spend time on two wheels.  In fact, my ride home from work today was windy, chilly, threatening rain and I loved it!  I also love hiking in … Continue reading

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A good way to end a good weekend

Well folks, here is a first for me.  I have gone two weekends in a row WITHOUT riding the bike!  Shocking?  Yes I know!  I gotta tell you though, I was busier than hell this weekend!

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The influence of books and movies

One of my discussions on-line today was about the Ebola patients being moved to a hospital in Atlanta.  Now I understand the theory about this completely.  Their best chance of survival would be to be treated here in the states. … Continue reading

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What makes a book one of the best

My wife will tell you that when I am not riding or getting things done around the house, or riding herd on the cats of the Manchild, chances are I am reading a book.  I am not the kinda person who … Continue reading

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When did I Stop?

I’ve done many a post on the books I read.  Last year I read 55 different books.  When I sit, if I am not working on the post for the day, I have the Kindle open and I am reading. … Continue reading

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