Scope Creep!

I am not sure how things like this happen, but suddenly Michelle and I are VERY busy over the next few weeks.  This weekend we have the Manchild (he and I are going to see Expendables 3 this weekend.) We also have the dreaded Block Party (we HATE that) on Saturday.

Next Thursday is a Wine offering party from one of our favorite wine makers, Ross Andrews.  Then the following week, we have the first WSU football game of the year (GO COUGS!).

After that, Labor weekend hits, and things get really busy.  A Dave Mathews Band concert at the Gorge in George, Washington.  Afterwards, we have a trip to the wine capital of Washington State, Walla Walla!  With all this going on, I’ve been thinking about our last trip to David Mathews.  Continue reading “Scope Creep!”