Emerald City Bike Ride 2017

Anyone who reads this blog knows it doesn’t take much to get me to go ride a bike. In November, I take one non rainy (no matter how cold) day to ride my years for my birthday. I try to get out New Years day. Anytime the rains stop and the roads aren’t icy in the winter I am there. Today, there was only  ‘chance’ of thunder showers, so after work I was out for 37 miles… Yeah, you guessed it,  I was caught by a squall…

So nope, it doesn’t take much to get me riding. So when I am told they are shutting down 3 major highways and allowing only bikes to ride???  I am on it! That happened Sunday… Continue reading “Emerald City Bike Ride 2017”

In Pete we trust!

Folks, it is NOT a happy night in Strohville, the Valente Household or Seattle in general.  As most of you I am sure know, the Seahawks lost a heartbreaker in the Super Bowl.  So, after spending the last 3 hours getting the Manchild home after the game, I stopped on the way home for cheap bottle of wine (Thank GAWD for Boomtown wine and that dry January is over) and I decided I needed to get this written before I head for bed. Continue reading “In Pete we trust!”

Now I remember why I avoid parades.

It’s not often I can remember things from almost 30 years ago.  But in this case I can.  Until today, the very last time I went to a parade on purpose (not counting stumbling over a Disneyland parade) was the Daffodil Parade of 1987.  At the time, the father of the girl I was dating was a Daffodilian.  This was the group in charge of the Daffodil festivities, and they all donned yellow jackets to march at the very END of the parade.

The family (and boyfriends evidently) of these people were given the opportunity to sit in the bleachers at the very end of the route.  I distinctly remember offering my seat to be given to someone “more deserving”, but I was outvoted (and though her mom was a great lady, one did NOT argue with) so I was there for hours….  (For the record I thought he was the coolest guy and had the biggest smile as he waved walking past)

That was the last parade I went to….Until today! Continue reading “Now I remember why I avoid parades.”

OK, Today was a Very Fun Work Day!

Just like anyone, my work day can very much vary from one day to another.  Some days are good, some ok and some can be pretty darn crappy.  It just depends on the day.  The good thing is I like my job and a lot of the people  I work with.  So I have more good days than bad.

Today, though, was great and it had nothing to do with work I did today!  Continue reading “OK, Today was a Very Fun Work Day!”

Super Bowl Fever!

As anyone who watches any football at all knows, the Super Bowl is a little over a week away.  This year, my home town team, the Seattle Seahawks will be in it playing the Denver Broncos.  This is pretty damn cool for me, as I remember watching these two teams playing each other back when they were both part of the AFC west.

In one memorable game, back at WSU, the Mudsucker and I were watching this game.  Part way through, I realized I hadn’t heard him say a word or make a sound in quite a while.  I turned to look at him and I swear the man was comatose!  Glassy eyed, barely breathing.  I was ready to strip some wires and jump start his heart!

That is until the last play of the game when the Broncos field goal attempt bounced off the upright!  He ran hootin and hollerin up and down the hallway for half an hour!  This is my favorite memory of these two teams!  Hopefully next week will be a brand new one!

My company, PEMCO Insurance is doing all it can to make it happen! Continue reading “Super Bowl Fever!”

I’ll admit it, I thought we were in trouble.

We all know I am a diehard WSU COUG fan.  I always will be.  But this time of year, with college over, the attention changes to the Seattle Seahawks.  And attention it is!  I have to tell you, that when the Hawks are playing in the regular season, you see Seahawk blue and 12th man flags everywhere!

But when, like now, they are in the play offs, the town erupts.  It, for all intents and purposes, feels like one giant college campus getting ready for the rivalry game.  Hell, even my company gets in the act.  This is our lobby at PEMCO.



So yep. I was blue Fridayed up, and ready to watch today, but I am going to come clean.  I did NOT think we would pull it off! Continue reading “I’ll admit it, I thought we were in trouble.”