Seattle to Portland Thoughts

Here we are, three days after crossing the finish line in Portland. My rear end no longer pains me when I sit, the old man noises have dwindled some and I was able to walk the neighborhood with Michelle.

The bike still sits in the garage and will NOT move for another week, but the body is on its way to recovery.

This was my 4th time on this ride, the first was exactly 10 years ago, and I did it in two days, the rest were all 1 day rides.

These are just some random thinkings about my rides and the STP in general… Continue reading “Seattle to Portland Thoughts”

I know, I know… I said I would never do it again….

Well ladies and gents, let’s go into the Way Back and machine and dial-up 4 years ago this weekend. In 2014, late on Saturday night, our hero, rolled across the finish line in Portland.


It was the 2014 Seattle to Portland, I had ridden 200 miles in some seriously brain frying heat. I look pretty spry here, but 10 minutes later…


I looked more like a zombie! In all honestly, I had planned be done with that ride! I said never again.

Then 2018 hit… Continue reading “I know, I know… I said I would never do it again….”

There is something about the Seattle to Portland ride

You know, it never fails. Every time July rolls around people ask me if I will be riding the STP this year.


It makes me smile when people seem honestly  shocked that I am not riding. It make no difference which rides I AM riding in that year, or how hard they may be. To my non riding, and, to some extent, my riding friends, my not heading south this next Saturday morning seems strange. Continue reading “There is something about the Seattle to Portland ride”

Racking up the Miles: August 2014

it is really hard to believe we are in September!  But sure enough, last night it was dark by 8:30, tomorrow they are calling for some rain.  The tomatoes are ripening, the firewood will be delivered tomorrow and it just feels more refreshing out there!

It’s also time to recap the month of miles for August… Continue reading “Racking up the Miles: August 2014”

Heading South!

Folks, just a quick short post today.  By the time this publishes, assuming the alarm went off, I got out of bed, and everything else worked correctly, I will be tapping into my inner barbarian


to get me well on my way into the Seattle to Portland ride (204 miles in one day).

I am leaving at 4 AM, an hour earlier than the official start time to try and get as far as possible before the 90 degree heat hits!  I will update Facebook for those who are friends on my personal page, as well as Twitter (@mountainstroh) each time I stop for food, water or a honeybucket.

Wish me luck folks!  I am the wind!!  I’ll let yall know what happens!


Very Proud!

As I posted a couple of days ago, Saturday, the 13th, was the start of Western Washington’s biggest cycling event, bar none, of the year: Cascade Bicycle Club‘s Seattle to Portland.  As I also mentioned, two of my friends from the Holy P, Auburn Liz and Mighty Manda were riding this for the first time!

Now I am not sure I’ve ever told them this, but those two played a huge role in the formation of the 10,000 mile blog! Continue reading “Very Proud!”

The Night Before the STP

AS I write this, it is the night before 10,000 of my best friends (cyclists all) converge on a parking lot near Husky Stadium (University of Washington) in the wee-hours of the morning.  Yep it is the night before the biggest cycling event of the year for Western Washington, Cascade Bicycle Club’s Seattle to Portland!

Yep 206 miles of rolling hills, small towns, back roads, official food stops and kid’s bake sales.   Continue reading “The Night Before the STP”