We’ll call it 95%

Its amazing the difference a week will make!  Last week, the miracle in Seattle had yet to happen, and we were looking forward to a big game (we had no idea HOW big) the next day.  Last week, he term “deflated balls” may have made those of us with the minds of a 13 year giggle, but we had no idea how much it would be said this week

Also last week, there is no way in hell I would’ve gotten two rides in the last two days! Continue reading “We’ll call it 95%”

Kinda surprised myself some today

Anyone who read the last post knows that I was not a healthy camper this weekend.  Yep I got a flu shot, as usual, but its all over the news that this years vaccine missed the mark big time with the flu that is hitting. Given the coughing, fever, lack of appetite and no energy, I am pretty sure I had it. Continue reading “Kinda surprised myself some today”

Riding Sick

I read a lot.  Over the years I’ve read many books, untold number of magazines, newspaper articles, you name it, I’ve read them.  since I was a little kid, I’ve been curious  how things work.  The best way to learn is to read.  And NOT just the interwebs.  Sadly, no one, or at least no one I know, can remember everything we’ve read.  It would be nice if we could though.

Instead, I believe our brains hold on to things for a bit, renders it down some, and throws out the crap we don’t think we need.  However the important stuff, that sticks with you.  This came into play today when I felt like crud. Continue reading “Riding Sick”

Medicinal Properties?

There are many things in this world that supposedly have medicinal qualities.  Some I believe in, while others I am not so sure.  For example, I am 100% behind Linus Pauling and vitamin C.  When people started getting sick at work, or the kids start catching colds, I dose up.  I take 3000 mg a day in pill form PLUS at least one orange a day.  My theory is whatever my body doesn’t need it will get rid of.  (It also means I will never get scurvy.)

My wife and I also are firm believers that Kraft Mac and Cheese is medicinal.  Don’t ask me why, but no matter how bad I feel, I always feel better after a bowl of that.  Especially the way I make it.  This makes as much sense to me as people who do “oil pulling” or go to acupuncturists.  It’s not weird if it works.

My contention, though, is exercise outdoors has medicinal properties. Continue reading “Medicinal Properties?”