Its the doing that matters.

Every other Sunday or so, in addition to watching a new episode of The Walking Dead on AMC, I also get to take the Manchild home from his weekend with us. Over the years, certain traditions have developed.  He get’s to DJ the radio, he likes to check out cool cars (and cute girls in cars)  and we talk for the entire trip.

The talks can revolve around video games, school work, The Walking Dead or whatever pops into our heads.  This week, after passing people playing soccer in the rain, we started talking about the sports he has been involved with over the years. Continue reading “Its the doing that matters.”

The Coug Fan

So today was an interesting day.  All starting with a football game Friday night.  You see, I am a Washington State University fan.  We are the Cougars (COUGS for short).  Our Mascot is Butch the Cougar.

Game Faces!
Game Faces!

Our cross state rivals are the UW Huskies.  This means every week, I root for two teams.  My COUGS and whatever team is playing the Huskies.  Therefore I was VERY happy to see the Dawgs (as they are called) lose to UCLA.  The day is always brighter when this happens.  It was questioned today though, whether I was more of a COUG fan or a Husky hater.  So I thought I would clarify  Continue reading “The Coug Fan”

It’s only Weird if it Doesn’t Work!

It was a great, albeit stressful football weekend here in Mountainstrohville!  First, and most importantly, my WSU COUGS went down to LA and beat USC 10 – 7.  The first time in 10 years we’ve beaten the Trojans, and one of the few times in history we have done so in LA!  I had my new Coug shirt on!  (More about this later.)

Today, the Seahawks had an UGLY game, but in the end they played just a little better than the Panthers and won 12 – 6.  The only thing that would have made this weekend better, would have been a loss by the UW Huskies, but they didn’t play.

But todays post isn’t really about the my happiness with the results of the games (and I am!) it’s about how fans affect who wins!  Continue reading “It’s only Weird if it Doesn’t Work!”

Many Choices!

Monday night I went down to Federal Way to have dinner with Eric.  We decided to go old school a bit, and went to Denny’s.  Now normally I like Denny’s.  I firmly believe there is a recommended yearly amount of grease everyone should ingest.  Denny’s is a great place to get this.  I should have stuck with my old standby, Moons Over My Hammy, but I decided to try something new.  Do NOT have the Grand Sandwich.  (This is your only warning!)

Now this post is NOT about where to (or not to ) eat.  It’s about the trip home.  The Manchild lives in Federal Way, about 35 miles, door to door.  Call it 40 minutes driving time if traffic is good and there is a tailwind.  I love the drive home during the summer, because I can listen to the Mariners on the radio.  I was listening to the game, and we were losing, but it started me thinking about all the choices of sports we have in Seattle, and the best way to experience them.

Now Baseball, and for us of course that means the Mariners, there are only two ways to enjoy the game.  The best is to GO to the game.  I love watching baseball live.  Safeco field is amazing!   There is always something happening in the stands, the jumbotron entertainment between inning, the 7th inning stretch.  It’s just fun.  Sadly, it aint cheap.  And it has been a LONG time since the Mariners have been even mediocre, let alone good (ahhh but back in 95…  but I digress).  So I go for my second choice radio.

Rick Rizz (sadly Dave Niehaus died a few years ago) does a great job with the games.  I love hearing the stories of old players, legendary games, and just working in the yard interspersed with “It’s a fast ball, outside!”  It feels almost like they are talking to me and me alone.  Baseball on TV is boring, but I could listen to game after game on the radio.

Then we have the Seahawks for football!  They ARE good!  I will listen to radio in a pinch, but only as a last resort.  I am lucky enough to have a friend with season tickets, so I get to go to at least one game a year.  It REALLY aint cheap, but it is damn well worth it.  When Qwest field (Yes, yes I know, it is CenturyLink field, or the “ClinK” but those are stupid names!) gets rowdy you can (and this is no exaggeration) feel the sound waves compressing your head.  I yell, and I am loud, and I can NOT hear myself.  Going to a Hawk game when we win is a memorable experience.

Barring that, TV! I love the instant replay, the different angles we get to see when a play is being reviewed knowing what the right call is even if they get it wrong, and staying warm and dry when it is UGLY outside!  Watching at home, or in a bar is a blast.

It’s different with my WSU COUGS for football though.  Going to a game in Pullman is an experience!  A trip down memory lane!!  But on a good day, it’s a 5 hour drive ONE WAY.  In the winter, it snows hard and the is a mountain pass between us.  For the Cougs NOTHING beats radio.  Bob Robertson has done over 500 Coug games on the radio.  I still get chills when I her him say “TOUCHDOWN COUGARS!”  Back in the day, when we would get a TV game, we’d turn it down and have the radio going with the game while we watched on TV!  Sadly, since Latoya’s wardrobe malfunction, the TV delay makes this impossible anymore.

A couple years ago Bob teamed up with an ex coach Jim Walden.  Hell I never had a clue what he was saying “Thats a naked bootleg post pattern with a twist” but it was fun to listen too, and damn he was passionate about the Cougs.   He also wasn’t afraid to tell us when the officiating was terrible (probably why he lost the job).  I look forward to football season every year.

We also have the Sounders, professional soccer!  The ONLY way to see that is in person!  The energy, the setting of the plays, the crowds (HEll we have a song to call the officials a Bastard!) it’s a blast.  I tried to watch it on TV, yeah no dice.

We have other choices as well.  Seattle Mist (Lingerie football) Seattle Storm (Women’s basketball) Seattle Thunderbirds (minor league hockey).  Our NBA team was stolen by Oklahoma, but since I don’t like basketball, has really bugged me (but others are VERY bitter….)

So, what I am saying, is we are pretty damn lucky up here in our corner of the country.  The best there is comes to town to play us.  I have seen, in person, the Red Sox, Patriots, and Manchester United (just to name a few). I’ve watched my team win three in a row against the Yankees, to move on

"Centurylink" Field, Safeco Field
“Centurylink” Field, Safeco Field (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the American league Championship series.  I’ve seen my Hawks make it too, and get robbed, in the Superbowl, and I’ve been there to see my COUGS pummel the dawgs in the Apple Cup.  Yep we have a lot of choices in our town, and I am damn lucky to live here.

GO Mariners, Hawks, Sounders, and of course GO COUGS!!