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Where No One Has Gone Before

I know for a fact I am 52. I don’t feel like it and I sure as hell don’t act like it, but yep, I am 52. I was born in 1964…. Back then there were no interwebs, cell phones, … Continue reading

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A flood of memories

Sometimes something happens, and as a blogger I know the blogosphere will be flooded with posts of every shape and size and opinion about it.  For the most part, I try to avoid those subjects.  I mean really, who needs … Continue reading

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Not the Best Way to get Ready

So, by the time this posts, I will be at the starting line of the 5th of 5 century rides this year.  Right now, its 10 PM, I have to be up 5, and I am sitting here working on … Continue reading

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The Advantage of Having a 15 Year Old Around

I know, I know, there have been times I have threatened to sell him on Craigslist.  Then there was the time at Silverwood Theme Park I told him to start interviewing people to find his new parents.  Or the time … Continue reading

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I’m a Blogger?

OK, so here it is, almost 2 months after my lovely wife Michelle set up this blog for me and I am still posting daily entries. More importantly, I am not doing them because I have to, I do it … Continue reading

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Dammit Jim, I’m a Cyclist NOT a Doctor!

Ok, the title is letting my Star Trek fan self show itself a little.  Maybe Comicon affected me more than I thought! The title fits this post though, as you will see.  Last night I did something I NEVER do! … Continue reading

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