The Trip Home

Last week we spent the week in Texas for our niece Abby’s wedding. You know how much we love her.

Which is why we went to the Texas heat in June. Later this week will be posts about the trip and the wedding, but this one is about getting home yesterday.  It was an adventure…. Continue reading “The Trip Home”

Why take the time to blog

In my last post, I did a book review on A tale for the Time Being. While reading the book, the 15-year-old, Nao, told us she had a blog going for a while. But then one day she took a look at her stats and realized she had only had a handful of people visit, no one ever commented and, when she stopped, not a soul noticed.

She essentially said that bloggers are quite full of self-importance thinking people care about what they say, and for the most part, they are wasting their time writing posts, as no one cares what they think.

I read that section a couple of times, and knew someday I would revisit it for a post of my own, little did I know it would be so soon… Continue reading “Why take the time to blog”

Grocery Shopping on the Oregon Coast

Well y’all, no matter where you live there are things that need to be done. Even on the Oregon Coast I have to clean the cat’s litter box, on Wednesday nights I have to take the garbage to the curb, and once a week, to keep Norbert happy

I have to make fresh hummingbird food.

And, to eat regularly, we have to go grocery shopping….

Continue reading “Grocery Shopping on the Oregon Coast”

Any regrets?

As any regular reader knows, 4 months ago Michelle and I moved to the Oregon coast, Lincoln City to be exact.

What some may not know is that to do so, I changed jobs. I was a corporate trainer. I molded the youth of the Mighty P in my image. More specifically, I trained claims adjusters for the insurance company I work for. Walk through any office, and you will find the vast majority of the claims people who work there were trained by me at one time or another.

I was the claims cowboy and I was a DAMN good trainer!

But, to move here, it required moving back to being an adjuster. Which, in some eyes is a step backwards, and in other eyes a sign of insanity…. Continue reading “Any regrets?”

I’m a cyclist

If you ask anyone I know, they will probably tell you I am not too complexed. I am known for saying what is on my mind (though at times it is NOT the appropriate time) I laugh at almost anything, and I go with the flow. What you see is what you get…

However, at times, I am like a duck on a pond.  What you can see is calmly floating along, but underneath that ole mallard is kicking for all its worth. Sometimes that’s me. Outwardly I am the goofball who walks around the office with a yoyo, but inside the head is just a pondering away. Continue reading “I’m a cyclist”

Cycling Zen

Speaking as a cyclist, I think I can truthfully say we are a different breed.  I can see some of you nodding at this and thinking “No kidding pal!! Y’all pedal 100s of miles. climb hills that mountain goats think twice about and will ride for 15 hours straight if you have to.  Y’all are nuts!”

While all of this is true, I think of this as normal, I am talking about other things… Continue reading “Cycling Zen”

This has not been a normal week so far

So here it is, Friday, and it has already NOT been a normal week!  To understand though, it would probably be best if I explained what I mean by normal.

On most weeks, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, I ride the bike home, usually leaving about 3:30.  Tuesdays, I head south to spend dinner with  the Manchild then play pool (or like last week, ping pong).  Fridays are a toss-up.  If it’s a kid weekend, I wait for him to show up and we drive home.  If it’s not a kid weekend, I get an extra ride.

This week, so far Monday and Tuesday have NOT fit that mold. Continue reading “This has not been a normal week so far”

It has been a long week

Folks I am sitting here today, without wine (I had a bit too much last night, so I don’t need any tonight) and I am just flat beat.  It has, without a doubt, been one helluva long week!  Three hour meetings each day (which drives me nuts).  Working with a new program we are implementing in my department (It doesn’t like me, and I feel the same about it.  What it doesn’t know is I have a big stick and WILL use it if it keeps screwing up.) I got rained on something fierce on the ride home Wednesday night.  Oh and the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl last Sunday.

Yeah its been a tough week, but then again, there was some good as well! Continue reading “It has been a long week”

Reason #245 to Bike Commute

This has NOT been my most fun week at work.  By Monday afternoon I was saying “This has been a LONG week!”  It’s not anything terrible, but its one of those weeks where everything needs to be done NOW!  Or when its done, you hear, “It’s ok, but we’d REALLY like it to say….”  UGH!

Add to it, a file I’ve been working on for weeks (I’m a corporate trainer and I am developing an eLearn) went POOF!! Gonzo, out of here.  See ya!  No one has any idea where it went.  No worries!  It’s on a shared drive, we can restore it!  This morning I come in, the folder is back, I click on it, and…. it’s empty….  Lord, time to rebuild!

Then, also today, a job aid had to be completely revamped, um NOW.  They know me well, and threw in the line “We you are a miracle worker aren’t you??”  So YEP “Get er done” Valente, Got er done!

So, at the end of each day this week, I’ve been mentally fried.  But, I also had thrown the bike on the back of Michelle’s car.  So I got to cycle home.  There is NO better way to get rid of stress!  Continue reading “Reason #245 to Bike Commute”