The Very First Cup of Coffee

Do any of you remember the day you first had coffee?  Scary enough I do!  I hadn’t thought about it for years, but then I read a tweet today from a student at WSU.  Suggesting that the Starbucks on campus start a mug club, much like the local tavern The Coug does!

I had to reply that back in the day (Ok the 80s) the Bookie (our student bookstore and the location of the on campus Starbucks) had a coffee club mug.  I could fill my cup at home, walk to campus, and refill for 10 cents (no typo there, a dime (or in my case, more often 10 scraped together pennies)), then hit my first class.  I kept that mug for years, but sadly it is gone now, but this is a great replacement!


But this was LONG after my first cup.

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