The Mountain Gods Delivered!

I have had many a post about our weather here in the Pacific Northwest. These days, while the rest of the country has been suffering with sweltering heat, high humidity, and generally miserable weather; we’ve been cloudy, a bit rainy and in the 60s or low 70s. In other words, perfect for summer bike riding.

However, cloudy and cool is not the best weather in which to go enjoy Mt Rainier. When we woke up to the drizzle, I considered for a second canceling the trip… Continue reading “The Mountain Gods Delivered!”

The Best ride in a long time!

OK, I will go on record here as giving you permission to remind me of this post in few months when I am complaining and looking like this


Gotta love my work shop glasses for dark and wet days!
Gotta love my work shop glasses for dark and wet days!

But this morning we woke up to some serious puddles, and a world that had been rained on all night.  I walked outside and went “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Continue reading “The Best ride in a long time!”

The summer without shorts…

Folks, it hit 90 here in Seattle, it never does that.  In fact, 90 degrees today topped off 30 straight days of over 80 for our neck of the woods.  Around here, people get cranky and grumpy when this happens!  Some of us get creative in staying cool at work and at hime!



Outside walking though, I remembered the hottest summer job I ever had! Continue reading “The summer without shorts…”

Too hot vs. Too cold

Yes it’s that time again, even though the rest of the country is deals with much worse heat, we, here in Seattle, have been experiencing upper 80s and low 90s all summer.  Many of you would kill for temps like this, it would be a relief.

But for me, I just don’t do well in heat.  And in all honesty, I would rather ride in 45 degrees than 85.  Cold is just so much easier to deal with. Continue reading “Too hot vs. Too cold”

The theory of weathertivity

One of the games my wife and I like to play here in Seattle is “Spot the tourist.” It is pretty darn easy actually. It’s not because they look like they are lost, or because they are going to touristy places like Pike Place market or the Experience Music Project (I’ve done each of these). And it is sure not because they are in Woodinville tasting wine, (I’ve done this even more often).

Around here is it easy to spot tourists, especially those from California, Arizona, New Mexico or the South, by what they wear. You might think that maybe fashions differ from area to area. However, considering I do well at this game, AND I have no fashion sense, that can’t be it.

The secret is the coat…. Continue reading “The theory of weathertivity”

The Strohs Mothership

Right now, is Seattle we have started that period of time that makes us love living here.  Starting the day after July 4th, the weather gods smile on our state, and you have a better than even chance of having a nice day for your outdoor activities.  This period of time can stretch clear into the beginning of October.

Since the weather is great, this is also Seafair time in the Seattle area.  Seafair is a month of festivities starting with the Seafair pirates landing on Alki Beach (basically a punch or rich old drunk guys who get to be lecherous while dressed as pirates (Purely my opinion of course 🙂 )) and culminating with the hydroplane races and Blue Angels the first weekend in August. (Sadly, due to the sequester, there will be no Blue Angels this month.)

The Blue Angels performing over Lake Washingto...
The Blue Angels performing over Lake Washington in 2007, with the Bellevue skyline in the background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back in the summer of 1986 though, Dave gave me a call, saying “HEY, Dan is putting together a raft for the Seafair Sunday, want to build one together and meet him out there? ” Continue reading “The Strohs Mothership”

Fremont solstice festival


There is a tradition in Seattle, the weekends after the first day of summer. Fremont has its Solstice festival and parade. One component of this, and it shows up rain or shine, is e Naked Bike Riders! Yep, all they wear is maybe shoes, and body paint. Here is a picture from my friend Debbie. She lives in Ballard, and the nakedity gathered in her parking lot. They applied their paint and are ready to go!

Don’t look too closely if you are easily offended! 🙂