In Pete we trust!

Folks, it is NOT a happy night in Strohville, the Valente Household or Seattle in general.  As most of you I am sure know, the Seahawks lost a heartbreaker in the Super Bowl.  So, after spending the last 3 hours getting the Manchild home after the game, I stopped on the way home for cheap bottle of wine (Thank GAWD for Boomtown wine and that dry January is over) and I decided I needed to get this written before I head for bed. Continue reading “In Pete we trust!”

Super Bowl Fever!

As anyone who watches any football at all knows, the Super Bowl is a little over a week away.  This year, my home town team, the Seattle Seahawks will be in it playing the Denver Broncos.  This is pretty damn cool for me, as I remember watching these two teams playing each other back when they were both part of the AFC west.

In one memorable game, back at WSU, the Mudsucker and I were watching this game.  Part way through, I realized I hadn’t heard him say a word or make a sound in quite a while.  I turned to look at him and I swear the man was comatose!  Glassy eyed, barely breathing.  I was ready to strip some wires and jump start his heart!

That is until the last play of the game when the Broncos field goal attempt bounced off the upright!  He ran hootin and hollerin up and down the hallway for half an hour!  This is my favorite memory of these two teams!  Hopefully next week will be a brand new one!

My company, PEMCO Insurance is doing all it can to make it happen! Continue reading “Super Bowl Fever!”