Teaching sure as hell AInt easy.

I got home from the a night with the Manchild just a bit ago.  My legs are still recovering from the long ride over the weekend, so I skipped the stairs workout and came home.  I got the garbage out, the garden watered and I was sitting here debating:  Do I go to bed, do a post, or watch Dexter on Netflix.

While doing this, I was scanning Facebook and came across this post from Sarah, the daughter of two of my best friends, and a young woman who is about to do her student teaching:

I really do not like it when people think being a teacher is an ‘easy’ job. We do not play and color pictures all day like people think. We are basically in charge of the future because we are teaching children, who will in fact be in charge of our future. I know that I am not a certified teacher yet, but I am studying to become a teacher. I teach because I want to make a difference. I teach because what I do every day matters for kids. To me, that’s what success looks like. Doing what you love and helping make a difference in this world. Please think twice before you say teaching is an ‘easy’ job and that anyone can do it. Because really it is not.

It started me thinking about the single teacher who had the most lasting effect on my life. Continue reading “Teaching sure as hell AInt easy.”