Native Genius

I HATE work meetings, always have always will. And being Cold and Callous I hate the touchy feely meetings the worst. Team Building, getting to know you, in touch with each other feelings I just cringe…

So, when we were told to come up with our Native Genius, I had NO idea what to put. Native Genius is defined as:  something you do easily and freely – meaning you aren’t necessarily aware of it and you don’t often have to think about it.

Since I had no stinking clue, I cheated and went to Facebook for help…. Continue reading “Native Genius”

The Suck Bowl

So keeping in yesterday’s theme of work functions, I decided to share my least favorite work function of all time. The glass blowing team building event. Yep, an ALL day session with my co-workers at a glass studio in downtown Seattle.

This was masterminded by Michael, my ex-manager. I always referred to him as the Shairf (as in “There’s a new Shairf in town”), as he was a new hire to replace my favorite boss of all time, Paulette! Continue reading “The Suck Bowl”