Herding Cats!

You know, there are some things that you just don’t understand until you end up in the right place at the right time.  Or is it the wrong place at the right time?

What I am talking about is all the effort that goes into an organized event.  I have been doing Runs/Walks/Stair climbs/Bike rides for over a decade.  For me its been easy.  I sign up on-line, (OK I admit my first was a mail in app from the newspaper, with a check (yep old school)) usually have my number mailed to me. I show up early, complete the event, and only then, do I put on the souvenir t-shirt.

I try to park far away, which makes getting home easier.  Yep for me its been easy….

Then I met these people


This is the Seattle Jingle Bell Run/Walk committee, and the event is Sunday… Continue reading “Herding Cats!”

Some things still amaze me



You know, today was a long day and a late night.  Had a lot to do at work, and tomorrow will be busier (I have to try to help a Brit control his language (loves the F-bombs) during a presentation with up to 30 people at a time).  Then the Manchild caught a bus to Seattle, we went to see Thor 2 (helluva flick!) and then I took him home.  It’s now after 930, and almost passed my bed time!




I thought about just skipping the post today, no one would mind.  But after a while things become a habit.  And there were just some things that made me think today.




It was a day of past and future for me.  I love days like this.   Continue reading “Some things still amaze me”

I’m a Blogger?

OK, so here it is, almost 2 months after my lovely wife Michelle set up this blog for me and I am still posting daily entries. More importantly, I am not doing them because I have to, I do it because I want to!

In fact, I start feeling antsy if I don’t get a chance to do one! This truly amazes me! I have tried many times over the years to keep a journal. That never lasts more than a day or two. This will be something like my 56th post overall! What’s the saying: Do something for 30 days and it becomes a habit. Looks like I hit that mark!

Then there is the fact I have never felt like the creative type! I can’t draw worth a lick (someday I will post my attempts at sketching) and my one attempt at writing a book was when I first got my portable manual (blue) typewriter as a kid. I started Star Trek novel (on notebook paper since I didn’t get typing paper with the typewriter that Christmas (Santa forgot the paper and stores were closed back then on Christmas!) I got one chapter into it and decided it sucked. When drinking beer with Scott, Dave and Jim I can help with making up lyrics to drinking songs (Never forget “Ode to a Giggilo “!), and my wife says I do decent haiku! Otherwise, creativity is NOT my strong point!

I guess the most surprising part for me, is I have developed almost 40 followers in the last month, many of whom comment on my posts. I know it will sound like a geek, but its great to see the notification of a LIKE on the screen, and I look for a “High Five” when there is a comment or a new follower! Looking at the stats I have regular visitors from the UK (and it’s NOT just my kid sis who lives there), Belgium, Australia and Canada. Not too shabby for a quiet and shy (well maybe not) bike rider from the Seattle area!

Add to this some of my Facebook friends also pay attention and comment (even if its just to tell me about typos) I was worried I would find Blogging a waste of time, but honestly do not feel that way at all. My kid sis has even informed me she has been able to steal things from here for her family tree project. (DAMN, I was trying to hide in the leaves!)

The Blog has also morphed a bit. The initial plan was to just help new cyclists, and I want to do more posts like those soon. It turns out instead I like to tell stories (my wife will be shocked to hear that!) and share my opinions (ok no one who knows me will be surprised by that at all. I also hope I have helped someone with a question, maybe encouraged or inspired someone to get on a bike, and hopefully made someone laugh (or at least smile) from time to time.

I will keep this going as long as I have stories to tell or subjects to share. Thanks to all that have visited and those who may come in the future! Most importantly, thank you to the love of my life Michelle for getting this set up, and encouraging me to just post the first one. She never fails to have complete faith in me, and without her I probably would not have been able to accomplish half the rides I have done. Love you babe!

I now return to my cold and callous self!