Where NOT to park your bike in Seattle!

Folks I have to tell you, it is NOT always easy to come up with a subject for the next blog post.  Now, for the record, I am not sure how many people, if any, would notice if I DIDN’T post for a while. but you never know.

Luckily though, our blogging hero has cohorts that keep an eye out for things and send them as suggestions!  Today, my gorgeous wife Michelle provided me with a map of the areas NOT to park your bike in Seattle! Continue reading “Where NOT to park your bike in Seattle!”

Dirtbags suck!

Ok people are really starting to annoy me.  No not the people who read this blog.  Nor the people I work with (it’s been quiet at work lately).  It’s not even relatives (ok maybe the aunt who is a Bronco fan is a bit annoying.

No these are those degenerates out there who have a special place in hell waiting for them:  Bike thieves.   Now let me stop anyone from worrying!  My bike is perfectly safe!  But as you can see here, even though we have a secure indoor bike location, I still lock it up.


Today though, I was had a chance to talk with one of my fellow cyclist who told me something I didn’t know. Continue reading “Dirtbags suck!”

If only….

Ok, Ok.  By now the frequent readers of this site are tired of hearing about my stolen bike.  I get it.  Its been over a week, I have a new bike, time to move on pal, suck it up butter cup!  There’s real tragedy out there.

Yep I agree, so you will all be happy to know, that barring finding the bike, this will be the last post on the old bike.  Time to put it to bed.  So I’ve decided to have some fun with this.  My buddy Rob asked me a question that got me pondering.  “What will I do if I find the dirt bag that has my bike??” Continue reading “If only….”


So, as we all know by now, my bike was stolen a little over a week ago.  Seems MUCH longer ago than that, but a week ago today, Michelle and I came home from our whirlwind trip to Oregon with the new bike on the bike rack.

For the record, each and every day at work I have gone on a walkabout into Seattle looking for my bike.  Now it could be the dirtbag is purposely not showing himself because he thinks I am doing just that.  Or he has (as my favorite cowboy author Louis L’amour would say) Lit a Shuck and has pedaled out of town.  Shoot by now he could be in California.  I’m thinking he aint that smart, and one day I sill spot him…. Continue reading “Rumors!”

Well, They Used to Hang Horse Thieves Didn’t they?

OK, today was NOT a good day.  It was Friday, and I was a participant in an all day work shop.  All day being 8 – 4:30.  It was a good class, but it seriously taxed my brain.  Add to it I need to help teach what we learned today in 2 weeks, there was a serious stress level. PLUS it went late!

I was VERY happy that I was going to be cycling home.  There is nothing better after a mind filling, stressful day, than to pedal hard and enjoy yourself.   Continue reading “Well, They Used to Hang Horse Thieves Didn’t they?”