Today was NOT that day!

There are times, on long, hard rides, that thoughts slip into your head. (That is not to say I don’t have thoughts regularly mind you!)

Sometimes snippets of books you have read will be mulled over, sometimes its day dreams of beers and hammocks of days gone by, others its past adventures with good friends


And sometimes, it’s about things to come. Every now and then I wonder “What will be my last ride?” Continue reading “Today was NOT that day!”

The thoughts while riding.

Murhpy’s Law came into play this week. As we all know, last weekend at this time I was sweating it out, not sure if the power would come on before the Walking Dead. (It did with minutes to spare!)

Tuesday – Friday though, it was warm, the sun was out and it was perfect cycling weather.  I, of course, was 30o miles away from my bike in Spokane!  The cycling gods did NOT smile on me! Damn that Murphy… Continue reading “The thoughts while riding.”

In my house we call it “Poking the Bear”

There are those I know who will adamantly dispute this, but alas it really is true.  I have mellowed with age. There was a time in my not too distant past that I would purposely stir up trouble, especially in meetings, just to sit back and watch the fun.  We call this: Poking the bear

There were reasons for this:  I hated meetings and found most of them to be a waste of time. People who think they are ALL that annoy me.  And there are just some people who are fun to watch when they get indignant.

Though it still does occur at times, getting laid off and having three years with a crazy one-eyed boss taught me to control it some.

This year, though, I have met the master of bear pokage: Neil deGrasse Tyson Continue reading “In my house we call it “Poking the Bear””