Just a thought….

I am known for many things:

  • Riding long distances on a bike
  • Making people laugh
  • McGyvering things to make it work (whatever IT is)
  • Sipping wine
  • And being able to drink a beer while standing on my head (I can still do it!)

I am not known for deep contemplative thoughts….

This morning I may have had one! I may have hurt myself a bit, as I had a headache for most of the day…. Continue reading “Just a thought….”

An Epiphany

A word of warning here folks, I am attempting thoughts a bit deeper than normal.  I know, I know, after the ride I had this weekend is it REALLY a smart idea to strain myself like this?  Well I am taking precautions:  I have the iPod on, I am sipping a Diet Mountain Dew, and I am sitting down.

So here we go.  I was thinking about the big ride on Saturday, and the vast differences in my moods.  I am meaning no disrespect here at all, but after Saturday, I might have an inkling of what a bipolar person goes through.  The up hill slogs were at times brutal.  And as I said in the recap post, I was close to giving up.  Continue reading “An Epiphany”