Cannon Beach 2017 Part III

From the pictures I’ve posted you might not know it, but I am telling you, this has been a wild week of weather.  Tuesday night I was woken up more than once by the winds howling over our skylights. Add to it, heavy rains, followed by sun breaks, and its been fun.

The thing is, with northwest beaches, we KNOW we will get weather like this. Its part of the fun of going. But it sure as hell aint for wimps!  Continue reading “Cannon Beach 2017 Part III”

Completed one DC thing at the Ocean! Plan C day 4!

I had a list of things I wanted to see In Washington DC:  The Smithsonian, The White House, Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial to name a few.  Though there are museums and monuments on the coast, they are just not the same.  However, we did accomplish one of the things that was on my list today! Continue reading “Completed one DC thing at the Ocean! Plan C day 4!”