Racking up the miles: February 2015

Looking back over the years, February has not been the best month ever for riding.  First its a short month, so without even trying I lose 2 days of riding.  Then its the dead of winter, so the weather does not lead one to want to ride.  Finally, the legs aren’t in shape yet, so long rides are out.

Luckily this February NONE of these things (well it was still a short month) applied. Continue reading “Racking up the miles: February 2015”

Racking up the Miles: January 2015

Wow, it is hard to believe that we are essentially at the end of January already!!!  Seems like not that long ago there was wrapping paper, stockings, and Christmas music everywhere!  Now here it is, the end of the month, taxes are already filed and I am counting up the miles for the first month of the year! Continue reading “Racking up the Miles: January 2015”