Ending one Year and Starting Another!

Michelle and I have an unwritten rule, we really try NOT to be out and about late on New Years Eve.  Too many drunk people and nuts on the road, we prefer our own house.

With that in mind, we took off from work at three and made a bee-line across the lake to Woodinville.  Most wineries were closed, but William Church was open till 4.  We tasted there, and found a new wine we liked, Tres’ Bien, their Cab Franc.  A bottle came home with us.

When we got here, we made mushroom risotto (YUM!).  It takes a helluva lot of stirring, but it is well worth it!  After dinner, with wine in hand we finished off the old year with the teapot.

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Playing Tourist at Home!

As you may or may not know, a little over 90 days ago I started a new job.  It was a change for the positive.  I no longer have a boss that may or may not be going off the deep end, I no longer have a nun assigned to my building (yes a Nun, she didn’t wear a habit, but he name started with Sister) and i am no longer bored!  I like what I am doing, and I am in the first week of teaching a three-week new hire class.

However, with the good comes the bad.  Starting new means no vacation time! So that means Michelle and I have to, at least for this year, do things together on the weekends and holidays.

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